Monday, February 15, 2016

Iraqi radio station aimed at ISIS-held population

(photo via RUDUW)
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region--The Iraqi army started broadcasting a radio news channel in the Makhmour region last week in order to fight Islamic State (ISIS) through the media, said an official from the Iraqi army.

The Voice of Nineveh Liberation Operation transmitting on frequency 89.8, launched when the first batch of the Iraqi army arrived in Makhmour last week.

"People from Gayara and Makhmour outskirts can listen to the radio broadcast," Salim Ahmed, a member of the radio crew, told Rudaw. "People in the ISIS-held territories are happy to listen to our radio."

"We are sending them messages that we intend to liberate them from the darkness and oppression of Daesh. With the help of God we are close to them," Ahmed added using an alternate name for ISIS.

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