Thursday, August 02, 2018

Aussie's Unique Radio to air on WINB

Unique Radio via WINB Red Lion Pennsylvania USA

9PM Saturday night AEST (Australia Eastern states) on 9265KHz from Saturday August 4th 1100-1300 UTC (USA 7AM EDT, 6AM CDT, 4AM in Canada and west USA) also will include a brand new Hobart Radio International . Every Saturday.

Also there could be some DRM testing from WINB 1000-1700 on 15.670KHz or occasionally on 9265kHz. As they are DRM tests, they may be on or off, or changing digital parameters etc.

f you hear Unique Radio Australia I would appreciate a reception report to:

Many thanks and best regards

Tim Gaynor

Unique Radio
Gunnedah NSW

(via WRTH – World Radio Tv Handbook Facebook group, 28 July)