Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Blog Logs - Monitoring South America

Recent monitoring from various SDR units in late July, from our secluded DX Cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

All times UTC / frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency

6135, Radio Santa Cruz, 2332-0115. Very weak Spanish conversation at tune-in to Bolivian cumbia music. Station jingle to local time check and Andean pan flutes at 2338. heard from SDR Divinopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Shifted to SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil for signal enhancement and SIO 444 at 2350. Station promo and Andean vocals. Full station identification “Radio Santa Cruz,” at 0000 including frequency/transmitting location. Public service announcement string. Still audible at 0115 recheck. Website: (SDR Divinopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil/ SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil).

3310, Mosoj Chaski, 0053-0105. Lady’s vocals over rustic Bolivian pan flutes. Brief station reference to children’s singing. Quechua programming with phone-calls and station ID at 0100. Great music between talk, evening phone-calls, and personal messages to rural listeners. Station is from Cochabamba in the south-central highlands of Bolivia. Due to the station’s isolation, many of the local relay on Mosoj Chaski for personal messages, news and entertainment.  (SDR São Luiz do Paraitinga, Brazil).

5952, Radio Pio XII, 0103-0115. Bolivian music vocals amid slight signal fades. Male announcer’s Spanish evening messages, local news, phone conversations and local time/temp check. Website:  (SDR São Luiz do Paraitinga, Brazil).

4865, Radio Alvorada Londrina, 0037-0100. Portuguese religious programming format to congregation 'sing-along.' Religious testimonials. Brief pause at 0030 for station ID Continued religious programming with music. Fair signal for 5 kW station in state of Parana.  (SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil)

4885, Radio Clube do Para. I have monitored this station for several years, and an easy one to follow their programming format. Announcer's Portuguese program banter to commercial jingles. Many references to "do Para" at 0050 with additional station information. Fair signal quality with commercials, station promo's to full identification at 0100, followed by news briefs. Tentative on station underneath as Brazil's Radio Difusora Acreana. (SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil)

6040, Radio Evangelizar (ex Radio RB 2), 0118-0132. Announcer duo’s Portuguese talks and listener phone-in. Religious format to fanfare music at 0123. Station promotional and ID. Additional station info with phone and contact information, Religious devotionals over background music. Fair signal quality for station in Curitiba, Parana. No sign of // 9725 or 11935 kHz. (SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil)

5940, Radio Voz Missionaria, 0142-0205. Station jingle, identification and frequency in kilohertz at tune-in, followed by jingle repeat. To God be the Glory gospel song in Portuguese at 0144 and on-going devotionals. Fair signal on // 9665 kHz. Format continued with segments of Hallelujah Chorus and Just a Closer Walk with Thee over closing invitation by pastor. Noted programming with a two-second delay at website streaming audio:   Station is located in Camboriu, Santa Catarina in southeastern coastal Brazil. The station website has a link to post correspondence, but bounced my report, as well as their posted email link  (SDR Rio Janeiro, Brazil)

1380, Radio Corporacion 1835-1900. Afternoon Spanish religious sermon before live and enthusiastic congregation. Presume this was Pastor Fernando Chaparro. Break at 1900 for several station ID’s, station QTH, religious station jingle. Evening greetings and program-lineup. (SDR Santiago, Chile)

1060, Radio Maria 1902-1910. Station’s canned ID into Catholic evening rosary; // programming at (SDR Santiago, Chile)

Radio Nac'l de Chile
1140, Radio Nacional de Chile 1910-1920. Spanish evening announcements to station promo. Sports news update on upcoming games August 4th. PSA, national news on Chile and two announcer’s Santiago items over hip-hop music. (SDR Santiago, Chile).

4747, Radio Huanta 2000 via Ayacucho , 0010-0035. Spanish commentary format to lady announcer. Very weak signal SIO 222. Local time check at 0020 to children’s segment of talks and singing. Musical jingles with echo effect shorts. Peruvian musical vocals to station ID with kilohertz frequency at 0033 over Peruvian flute music. (SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil).

4775, Radio Tarma, 0040-0050. Spanish good evening greetings to listeners and station jingle, “Radio Tarma’” ID with reference to broadcasting on “4775 kilohertz onda corta.”  Peruvian huyanos vocals to additional local time check. Intial SIO 323, improved by 0050. (SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil).

6174, Radio Tawantinsuyo, 0045-0055. Exceptional huyanos music at tune-in. Brief local time check and reference to station. Additional evening huyanos music amid SIO 444. (SDR Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil).

4920,. Radio La Voz del Pueblo 0056-0125. Tentative on what has been reported from early July as a new Peruvian station. Initial tune-in with Peruvian vocals to 0057. Accordion music vocals to 0100. No ID break at the hour, continued into Peruvian charango music to 0104. Musical program continued past 0125. Not certain on this station, however the Peruvian format certainly fits. Pardinho, São Paulo, Brazil). Additional information on this station notes broadcast are from Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad. Broadcast hours are 0000-0400 and 1200-0000 UTC. Postal address is: Poemas Humanos 650, Altos San Jose', Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad, Peru.