Thursday, August 02, 2018

VORW Radio International schedule announcement

Dear VORW Radio Listeners,

Happy August! In today's newsletter I will be addressing a number of schedule changes, unfortunately a good number of broadcasts have been discontinued due to lack of funding. Donations to keep this program on the air are always appreciated via PayPal to

Our main change is that the broadcast via WBCQ on 7490 kHz, previously at 5 PM Eastern (21 UTC) every Thursday is now at 9 PM Eastern every Thursday
(01 UTC FRI). All broadcasts to Europe and North America on Saturdays and Sundays are cancelled.

The current broadcast schedule is below! VORW Radio Int. is a weekly light entertainment radio show, featuring miscellaneous talk and listener-requested music. It's a laid back program where you can hear music of all genres and eras and even learn a thing or two about the songs and artists played! You can listen in regularly or infrequently and still be able to perfectly follow the show.


6 AM Eastern - 1000 UTC - 5950 kHz to Western North America
4 PM Eastern - 2000 UTC - 7780 kHz, 5950 kHz to North America
6 PM Eastern - 2200 UTC - 9955 kHz, 5950 kHz to South America
8 PM Eastern - 0000 UTC - 7730 kHz to Western North America
8 PM Eastern - 0000 UTC - 9395 kHz to Eastern North America
9 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 5850 kHz, 7780 kHz to North America
9 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 7490 kHz to Eastern North America


Midnight Eastern - 0400 UTC -  9 PM Pacific Thursday - 7730 kHz to Western North America
5 PM Eastern - 2100 UTC - 9955 kHz to South America

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You can hear VORW Radio International on Tunein Radio at the following times:

1 PM Eastern every Thursday:
6 PM Eastern every Thursday:
9 PM Eastern every Thursday:
5 PM Eastern every Friday:

Latest programs may be heard on-demand via SoundCloud here:

This show is on the air exclusively via your support, please keep what's left alive via PayPal to:

John (VORW Radio International)