Friday, August 03, 2018

The lure of the lonely lighthouse via radio !

St. Augustine, Florida Lighthouse

Lighthouses have a hypnotic effect. Even in daylight, they capture our attention, and for some devotees, lighthouses are a true passion.

Whether they stand watch on a river or along a rocky coastline, sailors and travelers have depended on them as a signpost to safety - and home.

If you have succumbed to the lure of lighthouses, here is an opportunity to answer that call.

Although not a contest, the popular annual event is designed to promote goodwill and friendship among amateur radio operators and shortwave hobbyists around the world. You may also follow the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society on
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The following Special Event Stations contain QSL and contact information, as well as frequency usage. QSLing is available to amateur radio and shortwave listeners. This is a perfect time to collect these special lighthouse QSLs.

Isle of Man Lighthouse (N5FPW QSL Collection)
Lighthouses On The Air 

All times UTC

August 4
1400-1830, K9EAM, Green Bay, WI. Green Bay Mike & Key Club. 7.270 14.270. QSL. Green Bay Mike & Key Club SE, c/o Dave N8KQS, 2937 Beth Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311.

August 4
Port Clinton Lighthouse Festival
1500-2100, W8GNM/8, Port Clinton, OH. Port Clinton Lighthouses Conservancy. 21.325 18.155 14.325 7.225. QSL. QSL via , LoTW only to, W8GNM/8.

Fire Island Lighthouse, New York
August 18-19
Fire Island Lighthouse
0700-1700, W2NMY, Babylon, NY. Fire Island LIghthouse Radio Annex Memorial Club. 18.095 14.050 10.108 7.050. Certificate. W2NMY , 47 Hemlock Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030. LIGHTHOUSE LIGHTSHIP WEEKEND THIS CALL IS A VINTAGE CALL FROM THE FIRE ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE RADIO ANNEX DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE TO CATCH THIS CALL FROM WHERE IT WAS USED ORIGINALLY. or

August 18-20
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend
1500-2100, W8GNM/8, Port Clinton, OH. Port Clinton Lighthouses Conservancy. 7.225 14.325 18.155 21.325. QSL. QSL via, LoTW, only . QSL via LoTW only. No paper QSL or certificate

August 18-20
Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
0700-1800, W2GSB, Babylon, NY. Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club. 14.235 14.050 10.108 7.255 7.050 . Certificate. GSBARC, Po Box 1356, West Babylon, NY 11704. The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club will be activating the Fire Island Light house for lighthouse lightship weekend. SSB CW. Give them a call to work this historic lighthouse The station will be at the base of the lighthouse on the beach shorts and shoes are required. or
(photos/ Larry Van Horn, roadtrippers,