Thursday, August 02, 2018

Throwback Thursday - Radio Cook Islands

QSL from 1983 (Gayle Van Horn QSL Collection)

Radio Cook Islands is silent on shortwave, however it was once a very sought after Pacific catch. RCI operated on 11760 kHz in English and Maori, and began their broadcast with a distinctive drum melody and "this is Radio Cook Islands Calling."

The station was originally organized in the 1970's by the government on 630 kHz AM, and continues that service today, as well as FM station, HITS 101.1. Despite power cut backs, the station is heard though out the island chain, including listener's in the northern island groups using "wires strung between coconut trees."

For awhile, Radio Cook Islands had streaming audio on their website at but is currently inactive. Radio Cook Islands-The Voice of the Nation, Facebook page at:

You Tube videos available at: