Monday, December 31, 2007

39 Dover Street January schedule

Happy New Year to you. Here are details of the January 2008 broadcasts from 39 Dover Street, via IRRS Shortwave.

7285 kHz (41 meter band), Fridays at 19.45 UTC, (GMT), 20:45 CET

9510 kHz (31 meter band), Sundays at 12:30 UTC, (GMT), 13:30 CET

Internet only, Saturdays at 22:00 UTC, (GMT), 23:00

or preview and repeat at

A series of programmes featuring Contemporary Folk Music, from across the Nordic Countries.

The first went out last weekend, but the feature goes on until the end of the month. After that, I'll revert to Poetry and Short Stories for February.

By the way, submissions to the programme are always welcome, especially if they can be e-mailed as mp3 or other audio files, to

Large files should be broken up and sent as a series of e-mail attatchments, if possible. Submissions of CDs, or audio cassettes, as well as written submissions, can be sent snail mail to the address on the web site.

39 Dover Street is an International Arts Programme

Stephen John Jones