Thursday, December 20, 2007

Radio Serbia expands shortwave schedule

International Radio Serbia has expanded its schedule and resumed broadcasts to North America. This follows reports that the station had resumed using at least one of the 250 kW transmitters at Bijeljina in Bosnia under a lease arrangement. The schedule is now given on the website as follows:

0030-0230 UTC to North America on 7115 kHz (beam 310 degrees)
1130-1900 UTC to Europe on 7240 kHz (ND)
1900-2230 UTC to Europe on 7240 kHz (ND) and 6100 kHz (beam 310 degrees)
English is broadcast as follows:

0100-0130 & 0200-0230 UTC to North America
1400-1430, 1930-2000 and 2200-2230 UTC to Europe
Coinciding with the reactivation of the Bijeljina transmitter, the station has also started satellite broadcasts, presumably doubling as a programme feed to Bijeljina, via Eutelsat W2 at 16 degrees East.

Tuning information:

Freq: 11138 GHz
Polarization: H
SR: 27700
FEC: 3/4
(Source: R Netherlands media Network Weblog)