Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saudi Arabia logging observations

15250 Radio Jeddah(presumed) 1105 I tuned in to hear a man speaking in American-accented English with a running commentary on the Haj in Mecca. He talked about transportation, about what the pilgrims were bringing, how medical care was taken of, what information was available via Wi-fi and Bluetooth. He asked people not to pitch tents in the road or sidewalks and to be careful with the elderly and children. He was overlooking the scene and traffic and even a helicopter passing by could be heard in the background. The commentary ended at 1130. A woman then took
over with money safety and travel tips for the Haj. Good signal and
Program was billed as a new edition of the Haj Radio Magazine. There was English news and ID as Radio Jeddah at 1200. After the news, there was a program called Technology. Via DX Tuner Sweden (December 17, 2007.
(Hans Johnson via Cumbre DX)

Saudi Arabia's BSKSA in English:
All times UTC
0900-1000 15250
1000-1100 15250
1100-1200 15250
1200-1300 15250
(Source: Gayle Van Horn, Monitoring Times SW Guide)

BSKSA, 9870, 2035-2020 // 11820. Arabic service, also on parallel (//) 9555, 11915 with poor signal quality on the latter frequency. Arabic programming monitored past 2020 with featured segments, music, news and editorials. (G. Van Horn)