Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scandanavian Weekend Radio slated for extra Christmas broadcast

It is time for the extra Christmas Day broadcast of the Scandinavian Weekend Radio
(starting on Monday Christmas night the 24th at 22 hours UTC). Here are our planned frequencies and time schedule:

Medium Wave:
1602 kHz, 24 hours

49 meter band:
6170 kHz Friday-Saturday 2200-1700 UTC

Saturday 1900-2200 UTC
25 meter band:
11690 kHz Friday-Saturday 2300-0800 UTC, 14-17 UTC, 1900-2200 UTC
11720 kHz Friday 2200-2300 UTC, 0800-1400 UTC, 1700-1900 UTC

RECEPTION REPORTS AND MESSAGES MOST WELCOME: e-mails to: mailto: or and letters to:

Postal reports should include two IRCs or 2 Euros to:
P.O.Box 99
Our program schedule may be found at:"
(Source:Heinonen via Hans Johnson, Cumbre DX via DX Window)