Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Island Radio set for broadcast

"Christmas Island Radio" on award winning RNZI
Station IDs and Season's Greetings in French, Spanish, Brazilian/Portuguese and Italian

Join us for our special Christmas season documentary during the long running 'Mailbox' program on award winning Radio New Zealand International, on Monday, December 24 2007.

This year, David Ricquish visits Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean and Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean. Two islands with the same name, different radio histories, and a very appropriate choice for this Christmas

Hear about VLU-2, 6RCI, the Christmas Island Broadcasting Service and Radio Kiritimati....and enjoy Christmas music from long gone Hawaiian KCCN 1420 AM....reggae and some classic Polynesian melodies designed to bring the warmth of the South Pacific into your home.

Back by popular demand, Radio Heritage Foundation board member Jo Del Monaco sends special greetings to regular and new 'Mailbox' listeners in French, Spanish, Brazilan/Portuguese and of the few times you'll hear RNZI station ID announcements in most of these languages!

We hope you'll enjoy the program. You'll find more about Christmas Island Radio at our global media platform, along with new articles, images and the latest Pacific Asian [PAL] Radio Guides for AM and shortwave stations across the region.

"Christmas Island Radio" on award winning RNZI:

December 24 2007 0830 UTC 9765 AM/9870 DRM, 1130 UTC 13840 AM/9870 DRM, 1330 UTC 5950 AM, 1530 UTC 5950 AM
December 25 2007 0330 UTC 15720 AM/17675 DRM.


Streaming live, podcast feed and audio on demand [including download] for several weeks after broadcast date. Click on 'Audio' at . Happy Holidays from the team at the Radio Heritage Foundation, celebrating three years of 'sharing the stories of Pacific radio' from our global media platform 24/7.

(Source: Info Radio)