Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Clandestine log - Radio Arctica

While looking for Europirates over the Christmas holiday, I was hearing a station IDing as Radio Arctica.

First heard on Christmas Day on 6200 from 1227-1240 using a Web receiver in the UK. Checked on my own receiver and was getting a signal there at 1244. The next day, 26 Dec., heard it at home again on 6204.87 at 0731. Later at 0915, heard it on the UK Web receiver. So apparently it can be heard both in Europe and N.A. The programming defines it as more of a Clandestine than a pirate. They claim the transmitter is near the Arctic Circle. Uses both Englis and Russian. Very interesting anti-exploitation of the Arctic programming. Web site is E-mail is
(Source: D Valko, PA via Cumbre DX)