Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Logs - Pirates via Free Radio Weekly

AWWW Parody station
Alan Weiner Worldwide 6925u 12/2/7 20:29 sio333, William Tell Overture, Weiner speaks,"I don't know what your problem is", clips from his show. (A. Fansome)

Captain Morgan
6925u 12/1/7 20:28 sio322, noisy, drifting all over the place, as low as 6924.67 so far, and as high as 6925.04, Smashmouth, no ID as of 20:41, but several Twilight Zone theme clips, lots of old rock music snippets(A. Fansome)

Channel Z
Channel Z R.- 6925U *2123-2222* 12/1/07 SIO=232. Ancd as their third anniversary bcst by OM ancr. Various rock mx said to be in the old freeform FM format that you don't hear on FM anymore according to the stn. Various rock artists incl Queen and also David Bowie's "Panic in Detroit." Gave addr and also Blue Ridge Summit addr for reports. Slogan of "the only channel you'll ever need." Show appeared to be a rebroadcast of a show originally aired at 1426 on 11/23. (G. Zeller, OH)

Cracker Radio
6950U 12/16 1953-2007, Followed immediately after WBNY. Cracker presented his version of a Xmas show. Fair signal (Majewski CT)

Johnny Cash Radio
3910/LSB, 0023-0030+, 1-Dec; many General Store spots & JC tunes; SIO=3+33 till covered by AROs @0030. (H. Frodge, DXP)

Liquid Radio
Liquid Radio: 6925.2/AM; 2048-2100+, 1-Dec; Techno music; ID @2100+. SIO=253-, fady & loggable on after Captain Morgan went off. Suspect this is the one swamped by others on at same tome from at least 1905. (H. Frodge, DXP)

Northwoods Radio
6925 USB 1808-1812 Punk Christmas music show including a song "I'll be alone for Christmas". SIO 252- but pretty much faded out by :18 1/Dec/2007( K. Zichi, Brighton, MI)

Random Radio
Random R.- 6925U 0206-0220 12/1/07 SIO=242 fading down. Some jazz instrumnetal music And also various versions of Jingle Bells, incl the Singing Dogs version. Similar but not quite identical show that had been on an hour earlier. (g. Zeller, OH

6925.4v AM *0120-0229* 12/2/07 SIO=444. Usual slogan of "Twentieth Century R." but this time they did not play classic rock as they previously have done. Several 1940s pop tunes, one of which was "Goodie Goodie." The music was earlier in the 20th century than they usually play. Very loud signal, but the AM xmtr was a little drifty, and the modulation was a little variable, too, causing the signal to sometimes lose lock even on the excellent E1 synchronous detector. No addr hrd on this bcst, but they use Belfast. (G. Zeller, OH)

Radio Bunny, WBNY
6950U 12/16 1923-1953, A Merry Christmas special as only Commander Bunny can do.Had Jay Smilkstein bits and other parody items. Did thank the writers, who write about Free Radio for their efforts. Fair signal (Majewski CT)
(Source: Free Radio Weekly # 617 & 619)