Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Logs

Thanks to contributors Jim Evans, Joe Wood, Chuck Bolland, Hans Johnson, Peter Ng, and Stewart MacKenzie, for their logging contributions. Have you sent yours in yet?
Gayle VH

2485 ABC NT Service (Katherine). 1238-1308. 8 Dec 07. English. First log of this station. YL announcer with program “Saturday Night Country” featuring Country music artists from Australia. Several IDs. Very nicely done programming. Good. //2310 VP//2325 P (J. Wood, TN).

6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, 1000-1015 Prior to the hour, heard typical music. On the hour, male gave TC and ID, followed by the news, "... Minutos ... Santa Cruz ... Norte Americano... Bush ...". Back to music at 1008. Saw a logging earlier in the week that put Radio Santa Cruz on 6135, but they are back to 6134.76 today if they ever were on 6135 kHz. Signal was good using both the NRD545 and WinRadio G305/pd. (C. Bolland, FL)

5967.67 Radio Nacional De Huanuni, 1000-1020 This was a threshold to poor signal and heard only Spanish comments from various individuals. Splatter and fading prohibited any better copy. At least I got an accurate frequency reading finally. (C. Bolland,FL)

7115 International Radio Serbia (Bijeljina Relay presumed), 0028-0229*, 12/21/2007, Serbian and English. Apparent reactivation of Bijeljina relay. Program of news and talk, primarily by woman, and music. Serbian 0030-0100 and 0130-0200. English 0100-0130 and 0200-0229. Good IDs (Radio Serbia) at start of each segment following IS. Closing announcements by man at 0228. Transmission got off to rough start with only a strong unmodulated carrier from 0028 until 0034. Good signal with moderate fading. SINPO 34333 at best. Audio adequate but could have been a bit clearer. (J. Evans, TN)

4985 Radio Brasil Central (Goiania). 0046-0250. 22 Dec 07. Spanish. Several intermeditant logs of this station over a two hour period. Pop music in English and Spanish. Several ID’s by DJ with patter between music selections. Fair-good signal quality. (J. Wood, TN).

China (Tibet)

5240 Xizang PBS (Lhasa), 0003-0010, 12/18/2007, Tibetan. Talk by woman followed by talk by man. Very poor signal, just above noise level at 0003, declining thereafter until only a
weak carrier by 0010. No parallels heard. (J. Evans, TN)

China Radio International 13780, 0315. Chinese lessona in Napali by male/female announcer duo. Strong reception of SIP 454. (P Ng, Malaysia)

CPBS 9675 2304 Chinese 433 Dec 17 Two Announcers with commentsand inetrview segment at 2314. // 9900 [333], 9845 [333], 9830 [322] and 9775 [232]. (S. MacKenzie, CA)

China Radio International 9765 2330 Cambodian SIO 433 Dec 17 Announcers program comments. ( S MacKenzie, CA)

China Radio International 9695 2335 Japanese SIO 444 Dec 17 Announcers program comments. //9435 [433] (S MacKenzie, CA)

China Radio International 9415 2353 Vietnamese SIO 444 Dec 17 OM with a language lesson to
Vietnamese music segment to 2356 and off the air at 2357. //7220 [333] (S Mackenzie, CA)

6050 HCJB (Quito). 0414-0420. 22 Dec 07. Spanish. The first Christmas Carols I have heard this year including “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,” and “Oh Come Emmanuel.” All modern arrangements and in Spanish. Fair. (J. Wood, TN).

4780 Radio Cultural Coatan (San Sebastian). 0035. 22 Dec 07. Spanish. OM with preaching. Sweeper QRM. Poor. (J. Wood, TN).

5010, All India Radio, 0149-0200 At tune in, noted singing by female. During a pause in music, a female and male talk briefly. The comments were probably in Hindi. At 0152 a second female relates more comments. At 0154, canned promos heard. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, December 21, 2007)

Radio Republic Indonesia-RRI 9680 2310 unknown language with SIO 333 Dec 17 Announcers comments. (S MacKenzie, CA)

7460 Voice of Orthodoxy Golas Pravaslavia Presumed - 1635 with talk by woman in Russian. Audio was constantly clipped and though there was a problem with the file. Good signal, but I gave up a 1650 as they never corrected the problem and I could not follow the program. Church choir musical interludes. Via DX Tuner UK. (H. Johnson Dec 18)

RTM Sibu 6050, 1103. Call to Prayers segment and relay of Asyik FM program of music and songs on Malay. Good reception here in western Malaysia. (P Ng, Malaysia)

North Korea
Voice of Korea 9650 2342 Japanese SIO 333 Dec 17 Program segments to vocal music 2344. //7580 [232] (S Mackenzie, CA)

6193.37, Radio Cuzco, (pres) 1047-1054 Only audible briefly, noted a male in Spanish comments at 1047 for a few moments. Comments were definitely Peurvian in character and nuance. Unfortunately, the signal only lasted a minute or two and was threshold when readable. (C. Bolland, FL)

4834.90, Radio Maranon, 0040--0119, Initially noted a male and female in Spanish comments. During their breather time, music is presented. At around 0108 a canned ID using echo effect. Signal was getting all chopped up by 0119 and I was getting a headache from the QRM on the freq. At the beginning, the signal as fair, but dropped to poor by shutoff time.(C. Bolland, FL)

4774.99, Radio Tarma, 1048-1100 In here with Huaynos music. Between selections, a male in Spanish comments. Signal was poor. (C. Bolland,FL)

5039.13, Radio Libertad, 1105-1115, In here with just Huaynos music. Male in Spanish comments using the echo effect, I thought that had gone out in the nineties, then back to music. CODAR isn't this high on the band and even weak signals are easier to listen to without it. Radio Libertad was poor.(C. Bolland, FL)

Pirate (U.S.)
6925USB Wolverine Radio (t). 0251-0300*. 22 Dec 07. Tentative log of this station. Englsih. I only heard two partial IDs. Rock music from the 1980’s. Poor. (J. Wood, TN).

5945, Voice of Russia, Amavir, 0201-0210 Just caught the ID at tune in as, "... Voce de Ruso...". (Typed that from Memory) This is followed with news presented by a male in the Spanish Language. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, December 21, 2007)

Voice of Russia 13580, 0632. Russian by radio program in English. Strong signal. (P Ng, Malaysia)

Sao Tome
4960 VOA relay. *0358. 22 Dec 07. English. Sign-on with “Yankee Doodle” and ID. Into news about recent bombings. Fair. (J. Wood, TN).

5930, Radio Slovakia International. 0157-0205 At tune in, noted a male in Slovakian
language comemnts. This is followed by Interval signal and ID in Engllish as, "you are listening
to Radio Slovakia International ..." . At 0158 a Female in French language gives ID and schedule. The interval signal follows this until the hour when the regular programming begins in French.
Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, December 21, 2007)

South Korea
KBS 9805 2324 Chinese SIO 433 Dec 17 Comments by an annuncer duo to Pop music by 2326.
S MacKenzie, CA)

4965 The Voice (Lusaka). 0402. 22 Dec 07. English. Announcer's ID as “Welcome to the Voice-Africa. Good morning.” Into fast tempo Christian music. Poor. (J. Wood, TN).