Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pirate WNKR to broadcast Dec. 23-26


From a list I am on...
Just to let you all know, that WNKR is going to be on air on 1476 from Sunday 23rd to Wednesday the 26th of December with lot’s of entertainment and frolics.

The schedule is as below:

Dave Martin (1st show) Andy Walker (1st show) Steve Underground (1st show) Hugo Lee Jay Chris Ise (from CWR) Dave Martin (Anorak theme tunes!)

Andy Walker (2nd show) Steve Underground (2nd show) Jack Russell (from WMR) Jimmy Stone Also stereo internet streams via the links on our website:

http://www.geocitie sw/

Dave Martin. PER Bill Finn -

(Source: FRW # 619 12/22/07 via Edward Kusalik, Canada)