Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blog Logs via MARE

Thanks to the folks at Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts for this weeks newsletter. Here's a sampling of what the MARE folks are hearing on shortwave. Enjoy!
Gayle VH

All times UTC, frequencies kHz
* sign-on sign-off*

7425 Radio Tirana (Shijak). 0448-0456*. 15 Dec 07. English. Pop music in presumed Albanian with lady announcer in English. ID to sign-off announcements and interval signal for very good signal. (J. Wood, TN).

9550 Radio Habana. 0516-0523. 15 Dec 07. English. Male announcer with talk of oil producing and refining countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. He had a decidedly pro Venezuelan view. Into an item by femala announcer concerning a Latin American film festival. very good signal. (J. Wood, TN).

9580 Afrique Numero Un (Moyabi). 0529-0537. 15 Dec 07. French. Male announcer with news mentioning Senegal and Gabon. ID at BOH. VG (J. Wood, TN).

7545 KOL (Tel Aviv). 0430-0445. 15 Dec 07. English/French. Male announcer with news. Talk of traffic deaths in Israel. Mentions of Basque Terrorists. ID as "You are tuned to KOL-The Voice of Israel broadcasting from Jerusalem." Into French service with mentions of President Bush. Good. (J. Wood, TN).

11990 Radio Kuwait (p); 1844-1906+, 12-Dec; Infidel rap music to 1901 right into pgm Human Civilization w/feature on dream visions & interpretation; all in English station ID. SIO=3+53 before 1900 then 4+54 (H. Frodge-MI)

9575 Radio Medi Un (Nador). 0524-0529. 15 Dec 07. Pop music in English with news and ID in French. VG. (J. Wood, TN).

9705 La Voix du Sahel (t); 2008-2036+, 10-Dec; Two announcers trade French commentary to 2027. Drums & chanting to ID spot at 2028 with tentative station IDs and mentioned kilohertz. Drums and chanting continued to 2033, followed by commentary. Improved to SIO=332 by about 2025 but still tough copy, need USB to kill strong 9704 Ethiopian hetrodyne. (H. Frodge-MI)

4775 Trans World Radio. 0358-0405. 15 Dec 07. German. ID by announcer in English and into German service with program of inspirational music including Christmas Carols in English and German. It seems as if I can only log this station as it is going into its German service! Poor. (J. Wood, TN).

11735 Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam/Zanzibar; 1902-2002+, 13-Dec; Discussion of Vatican & Africa with phone calls/ Newscast at 1930-1945 then brief remote reports. Middle Eastern music 1948-2000 to brief commentary regarding Israel/Palestine to 2002. Continued music to ID spot. "RTZ" mentioned twice during the news. Programmin gin local languages, best ever heard this station. (H Frodge, MI)

United Kingdom
3955 Korean BS World Radio relay; 2205-2218+, 12-Dec; Korean news to 2208:30 bumper then feature about theaters in Seoul; all in English. SIO=3+22, need USB to suppress co-channel LSB ARO. (H. Frodge-MI)