Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

Pirate logs are a sampling from this weeks Free Radio Weekly newsletter.

Alice's Restaurant
12/9, *1929-1947*, 6925/U; SIO=242. Entire show consisted of renditions of the Alice's Restaurant folk guitar song & some standup comics telling jokes abt Alice's Restaurant. Never hrd an ID as such, despite fairly good copy of the whole show. (Zeller-OH)

12/9, 1932-1947*, 6925/U; SIO=555, Played the song Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. Just before QRT @1947 said, You've been a terrific audience, You've been a terrific audience, You've been a terrific audience, for me to poop on. (Pls QSL Silvi, Ohio)

Captain Morgan
12/9, 2230, 6925v/U; S7 above very quiet noise floor, xxxx-rated comedy over what sounded like canned laughter, x-rated spoofs of 70s tunes, stn op adj freq several times. (Hassig-IL)

Crystal Ship
12/10, 0038-0114*, 6700/AM; Pearl Harbor anniversary show with music from the 40s by female vocalists. Also played later, Marty Rob- bins, Rosa's Catina. Poor signal. (Majewski CT)

WBNY Radio Bunny
(P.O. Box 1, Belfast NY 14711)
12/8, 0033-0052, 6925/U; SIO=141. Rock mx & novelty versions of Christmas songs. Tlk by Commander Bunny abt his candidacy for President. Quite weak, but definite ID's. (Zeller-OH)
(Source: FRW # 618 via Harold Frodge, MI)