Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Paul Reid Christmas Show on CHML

Many sounds evoke Christmas memories; but none as distinctly as the sound of PAUL REID. And this year, AM 900 CHML and PATHWAY CARE SERVICES bring you a full holiday season of classic PAUL REID memories: one-minute vignettes twice each weekday, and two complete PAUL REID CHRISTMAS broadcasts.

Christmas Eve and again Christmas day. Paul Reid’s Christmas, brought to you by PATHWAY CARE SERVICES, supportive and compassionate in-home care, heard exclusively on AM900 CHML.
Enjoy the Paul Reid Christmas Show throughout the month of December.

The Paul Reid is a timeless tradition on CJAD 800.

The show revolves around Paul's memories of Christmas while growing up as one of sixteen children. He talks reverently of his Mother and Father and how they made Christmas so special even though they were poor.

He talks about his favourite Christmas Carols and plays them all.

While Paul was alive, in the true Christmas spirit, he gave the show to anyone who wished to broadcast it. As a result it played in a number of countries and on the Armed Forces Network. We were told it also played during the war in Vietnam.

It is worth noting that he did most of show live every year. Some pieces were taped to give him a break. Some years he had trouble finding something new to add or he didn't feel the Christmas spirit.

The radio station staff and librarians would help. When Dad would go in to prepare for the show, he would find the studio darkened with only candles lit, a decorated Christmas tree in the corner and other decorations. There were usually messages from staff and most importantly his kids and family, wishing him a Merry Christmas. To him, Merry Christmas meant "I love You".

Few radio personalities have touched their listeners as much as the late Paul Reid. With his unique style and unmistakable voice, Paul forged an unbreakable bond with his audience. Thankfully, the Reid family has allowed CJAD to continue the tradition of The Paul Reid Christmas Special.

It is also worth noting that earlier this month Paul Reid was posthumously inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.

Below is the complete Paul Reid Christmas Special broadcast schedule:

All times Eastern Standard
* Friday December 14th at 7:00PM
* Friday December 21st at 7:00PM
* Monday December 24th, Christmas Eve at 6:00PM
* Tuesday December 25th,Christmas Day at 9:00AM
* Tuesday December 25th,Christmas Day at 10:00PM
(Source: Fred Waterer via ODXA)
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