Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eritrea & Ethiopia logging observations

Eritrean Radio is active on 7175 kHz. I heard sign on at 0355 with local music. From 0400 UT on jamming.

In the afternoon Jamming can also be heard time by time from 1500-1700 UT on 7175, at 1700 Arabic programm is beginning with ID Idhatu-s sawt al- gumhuriyati-l Eritrea with means Radio Voice of the Republic of Eritrea. At 1730 UT Somali programm until 1800 UT QRT and sign off.

Jamming is varying in 7170 to 7195 kHz range. I think Eritrea and Ethiopia are shifting frequencies. (Udo Krueger-D, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 8)

7100, VOBME, Asmara, Program 1, *0355-0400+, Dec 8, IS. Talk at 0359. Very weak.

7170, VOBME, Asmara, Program 2, *0355-0420+, Dec 8, IS. Talk at 0359. Very weak. Covered by jammer at approximately 0400. Eritrea moved to 7175 shortly after 0400 & the jammer followed. They both continued to move back and forth between 7170 and 7175 during this time period. The one chasing the other. (Brian Alexander-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 8)

On 8 Dec 2007 noted Ethiopian jammers at 1748 on 7100 and 7175 kHz, apparently against Eritrea. At the same time similar jammer was on 9485 kHz, I guess against VO Oromo Liberation. All went off around 1800 as did the target stations, too. (Jari Savolainen-FIN, DXplorer Dec 8)

5950 Voice of Tigrey Revolution, *0356-0430, Dec 8, IS. Talk at 0400. Some Horn of Africa music. Poor under Okeechobee, Florida. \\ 5980-poor under unidentified co-channel station. (Brian Alexander-PA-USA, hcdx Dec 8)

9560.60 Voice of Democratic Alliance via R. Ethiopia on Nov 29 at 1500-1510 UT 25442. Tigrigna, IS, ID, Opening announce, Talk.

9560.80 Radio Ethiopia on Dec 4 at 1357-1407 UT 34433 Afar and Arabic, Ethiopian pops, ID at 1358, IS at 1359, Three gongs at 1400 UT, News. (Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, JPNpremium Dec 7)

7165.2 Radio Ethiopia, Geja Dera (I'd like to see this & certain other site names clearly defined as various sources show different or then just slightly diff. names), 1551-1603 UT on 9 Dec, Arabic, talks, tunes, then some other language (English?) after 1600 UT, but conditions didn't allow to identify it; 23432; \\ to 9560.5 kHz.

9560.5 Radio Ethiopia, Geja Dera (cf. rmk. on the site name under 7165.2), 1544-1607 UT on 9 Dec, Arabic, talks, tunes, different language (English) after 1600; 33443 but deteriorating, weak audio. (both Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 9)

Ethiopia [and non] 11900 Tensae Ethiopia Voice of Unity, 1500-1505 UT, escuchada el 5 de diciembre en ahmarico, comienza emisi? con m?ica de flauta, locutor con ID, comentarios, segmento musical, otra vez el fragmento musical interpretado por flauta, SINPO 43343. (Jose Miguel Romero-ESP, JPNpremium Dec 7) via Armavir-Krasnodar-RUS, 1500-1600 UT.

11900 Tensae Ethiopia Voice of Unity, 1500-1600 UT. Registered via Armavir-Krasnodar. But the opening procedure is much different these days, a new 7 seconds EACH lasting 800 Hz tone, like the Sentec Meyerton procedure noted before 1500 UT today Dec 11th.

At 14.58:50 UT a strong carrier came on air co-channel totally even frequency -- the Ethiopian jamming station. Then a tiny ID in Amharic of Tensae Ethiopia Voice of Unity noted much underneath at 15.00:50 UT.

At 15.02:20 UT heavy wideband noise hissing, jamming started, (like a hour before on the three DWL Amharic channels 11645, 15640, and 15660 kHz).

When checked again around 1534 UT, noted a very anoying motorboot like ignition jamming instead, broad band use, not more than 11883 to 11911 kHz width! (wb, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 11)
(Source: WWDXC Top News/BC-DX #838 via wb, Germany)