Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog Logs

Thanks to Brian Alexander, Rick, Barton, Peter Ng, Duane Hadley, Scott Barbour, Martin Epstein, Ron Howard, and John Wilkins for the loggings. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to all the contributors for your kind words.

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - Sign-off *

CNR-1, 11785, 1130-1150. Noted on // 9680, 9780 all frequencies with fair-good reception, including local music. (B Alexander, PA)

CNR-1, 11840, 1312-1315.8 Chinese service, used to jam AIR via Delhi also in Chinese, as both simultaneously off at the same time. ® Howard, CA).

Firedrake 15150, 0006-0011. Heard under fair VOA via Thailand relay in Chinese and VOA jingle. (R Howard, CA).

(to North Korea) Shiokaze/Sea Breese via Taiwan. Station ID as, " this is Shiokaze Sea Breeze from Tokyo, Japan." Details and stories about abductees. Fair-good signal quality to 1318. (R Howard, CA)

Dominican Republic
Radio Amanecer 6025.04, 2350-2358.+ Religious music to station ID at 2355, followed by additional religious tunes. Fair signal level but poor reception due to adjacent channel splatter. Noted earlier 2155-2220. (B Alexander, PA) Audible 6025, 0838-0908. (R Howard, CA)

Radio El Buen Pastor 4814.99, 0145-0240.+ Tentative on station with lite religious music to Spanish announcements. Poor signal with CODAR interference. (B Alexander, PA)

Adventist World Radio, 15260, 1130. DX program Wavescan with the EDXP report from Bob Padula from Australia. SIO 454. P Ng, Malaysia).

All India Radio-Delhi 11840, 1312-1315.* Heard in Chinese with Indian music, jammed by CNR-1. (R Howard, CA)

Voice of Indonesia 9524.96, 1110-1130.+ Listed Chinese programming including talk and local music. English ID announcement at 1128. Fair to good signal until covered by Poland's English service at 1200 on 9525. (B Alexander, PA).

RRI-Biak 4920, 1311-1322. Jakarta news relay in progress at tune-in. Fair signal at best. (J Wilkins, CO)

RRI-Manokwari 3987.05, 1318-1400. Vocal music to 1328 to several five-note local interval signal on a dulcimer-like instrument. Four time pips to 1330 then lady announcer 's "Radio Republik Indonesia." Ten minute talk/news program, then back to vocal music at 1340. Song-of-the Coconut Island interval signal and Jakarta news at 1400. Good signal and equal to that of powerhouse Radio Nikkei on 3925 kHz. (J Wilkins, CO).

RRI-Wamena 4869.92, 1057-1105. Indonesian text from male announcer to brief moment of music at 1101. Poor signal. (C Bolland, FL)

RRI-Palangkaraya 3325, 1257-1325. Long music tune-sounding religious past 1300. Primitve sounding music with odd vocals and flute accompaniment. Heard the same program a few days later at the same time. Can detect a faint carrier from another station underneath and a few hertz off 3325 whioch may be Radio North Solomons. (J Wilkins, CO).

RRI-Ternate 3344.96, 1247-1313. Presumed this station with vocal music hosted by lady announcer. Ten minutes of talk ensued at 1300, followed by more music. (J Wilkins, CO)


Kol Israel 7545, 2000. Hebrew service of evening featured segments. (M Epstein, CT) English service audible on 6280 // 7545 at 0430-0445 with news updates and station ID. (D Hadley, TN)

Radio Kuwait 17885, 1145. Filipino. Lady announcer notes, "Radio Kuwait Filipino service" identification, plus station freqs, and sign-off info for the Arabic service. Very strong signal of SIO 454. (P Ng, Malaysia).

Radio Cacablanca 9290, 1105-1130. Presumed station noted with lite music. Announcement to techno-pop dance music. Poor signal, too weak to pull out an ID. (B Alexander, PA).

Voice of Africa 21695, 1410-1440.+ English programming to pop music and station Ids. Items about the African Union to readsings from the Green Book. Signal very weak on // 17870. (B Alexander, PA)

Klasik Nasional FM via RTM 5964.95, 1111-1140. Islamic sunset Call to Prayers, followed by recitations. Ballads and pop music to vernacular language text. Malaysia's Sarawak FM via RTM 7130, 1318-1355. (R Howard, CA)

Radio UNAM 9599, 1535-1604. Program, America del Norte Hoy, a program in French/English about native people in Canada with each sentence translated into Spanish, with mentions of "Nunavut, Northwest territory", etc ending at 1557. Time check followed by station identification. Signal dropped for last part of the ID. Classical music program at 1800. (J Wilkins, CO).

XEYU 9599.24, 0012-0047. Latin American ballads to long segment of easy-listening piano music. Poor-fair signal. (R Howard, CA)

Myanmar Radio 5985.80, 1337-1412. Vernacular service to Asian music during poor-fair signal. R Howard, CA)

LV du Sahel 9705, 2110-2200.* Variety of French and US pop music to ballads and local tribal music. French announcements to Koran at 2153-2158. Sign off including choral national anthem at 2319. Test tones at 2200 and off. Fair signal strength level but overall poor signal from co channel interference. (B Alexander, PA)

Voice of Nigeria 9690, *0759-0815. Station sign on with usual theme music and ID announcements and talk in vernacular language at 0800. Fair-good signal. (B Alexander, PA)

Papua New Guinea
Radio New Ireland 2905, 1246-1300.* Fair signal from Kavieng with lite vocal music hosted by lady announcer. Program closedown announcement and ID at 1258, followed by anthem and prayer to 1300. (J Wilkins, CO)

Radio Blagovest via Palauig 9570, *1500-1513. RVA English ID to 1500, then chimes. RB identification and into Russian religious music. Tuned out at 1513 for good signal quality. (J Wilkins, CO)

FEBA Radio 12035, 0158-0213. Listed language as Urdu and music to 0200. Announcer's text on Pakistan and contact info and ID at 0202. (S Barbour, NH)

Radio Tikhy Okean 9765, 0745-0900. Russian language comments from male/female announcer, Bulletin news segments, chat and local music at 0850. Time tips at 0900 amid a fair signal quality. (C Bolland, FL).

Radio Singapore International 6080, 1322-1332. Good reception and program of Afro music to ID as, "Radio Singapore International." ( R Howard, CA).

Trans World Radio 4775, 0350-0356.* Program in vernacular language. Program off with interval signa;, station ID. (R Howard, CA)

Radio Taiwan 7445, 1415. Chinese service noted under Firedrake jammer. (R Barton, AZ)

KNLS-Alaska, 6150, 1000. Closedown of Russian service, followed by English service at 1000. (R. Barton, AZ)

Radio Zambia/Radio One 5915, 0228-0255. Tuned in to an open carrier to *0240 with Fish Eagle interval signal. Choral anthem, drums and announcements during poor-fair signal quality. (R Howard, CA)

ZBC 4828, 0357-0400. African highlife music to off the air minus the sign-off announcement during fair signal quality. (R Howard, CA).