Sunday, December 16, 2007

Serbia heard again on 7239.95 kHz

SERBIA 7239.95 Noted RSI Relay txer Bijeljina Bosnia in Spanish [7240 kHz,125 kW] yesterday Dec. 15 at 1500-1530 UTC for the very first time since September 2006. During that long lasting pause only tiny 10 kW box fromStubline, Serbia, was in use.Today Sun 16th on the regular noon service 1100-1200 UT in Serbian the smallStubline unit is in use again instead of Bijeljina non-direction outlet.Stubline tiny unit is always off frequency by approx. 40-50 Hertz.Much fading and S=3-4 signal in peaks. Noon service is supposedly notcovered by the rental contract with Bijeljina Bosnia installation site.Parallel to direct audio via net present playing some melancholic Serbian folksongs. 73 wb
(wb, Germany via HCDX)