Friday, December 28, 2007

Logging observations of Chad on shortwave

CHAD 4905 (reactivated) Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne, Grevia, 1729-1914, 20 Dec, Arabic, announcements, talks, local tunes, Vernacular, tribal tunes; French 1859, news, program "Espace Jeune"; 54444; I was unable to monitor its s/on time, but estimate it as being 1600, and 4905 is ex-6165 evenings only for the latter is used during the day.

6165 RD. Natle. Tchadienne, Grevia, 1328-..., 19 Dec, French, news; 25332, QRM de HRV later on only. Check my 22 Dec obs.

6165 RD. Natle. Tchadienne, Grevia, 1113-1400, 22 Dec, Vernacular, talks, ... , French at 1340 when signal rated 25342,..., tribal songs at 1450; 13441, QRM de HRV whose signal is usually felt well after 1400. As from 20 Dec, this fq. was replaced by 4905 for the evening period starting at approx. 1600. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 24)

Yes Chad received here in Sri Lanka too, but only in the evening slot, initially mixing badly with CNR. Thanks for the tip. I have ben rather slow with my DXing due to too much work. But one by one the antennas are getting refurbished and will come back with a lot of interest, not that I have ever been off the band. How can I when I earn a living being in front of a radio.

One comment, someone said probably Chad is down here due to interference on 6 KHz. Well the reason is, I am sure, that evening and morning 6 MHz is not serving a wider area due to propagation in an area between the ground wave and the first sky wave coverage area. With the sun spots so low for local shortwave coverage the angle of return has to be wider as the frequency goes up. Right now here in the tropics in Sri Lanka which is almost similar latitude to Chad, till about 8 a.m. in the morning and after 7 p.m. it is hard to have any coverage in an area about 200kms from the txsite on 6, 7 MHz. So as hams we have to come down to the next band 75metres.
With a lot of people depending on SW in Chad the 4904.5 is a logical move. (Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK, DXplorer Dec 24)

4905 RN Tchadienne Dec 25 w/ armchair lvl signals from 0509 tune to 0645 end recording peaked at S5 from 0530 to 0630 with quick improvement from 0509 and slower degradation after 0630. Interesting pgming.nice Christmas program in French from 0605-0632, opening with an inst/vocal tune, devotions by men and a woman, many mentions of "Noel" and short choir vocals from a church.ended with "Joyeaux Noel, Amen" at 0630 and an inst/vocal tune (same as at 0605) to 0632.seemed surprising coming from a largely Muslim country. Local indigenous vocal at 0634-0636. Several telephone call-ins heard around 0600 and after 0636. SINPO 4/5-5-4-4-4 w/ some buzzing QRN from local electrical pole. Best I have heard Chad here on any frequency. (Bruce Churchill-USA, DXplorer Dec 26)

6165 replaced by 4904.97 kHz at 0430-0730 and 1600-2230 UT. 6165 or 7120 on Sat/Sun 0730-1000, daily 1000-1600 UTC.

History - Schedule of Oct 1999:
CHAD RNT Bamako also IDs as Radio Tschad bcs on 6165 between 0430-0730, 0730-1000 Sat/Sun, and 1000-2230. 7120 may be used on occasions between 0700-1600 instead of 6165. 4904.5 is also an alternative. (BBC_M in BrDXC Communication magazine Oct, 1999)
(Source: WWDXC Top News-BC DX #840 via wb, Germany)

Correspondence may be directed to:
Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne
Boite Postal 892
(Source: World QSL Book/Teak Publishing)