Friday, February 08, 2008

Blog Logs - China

All times UTC // parallel frequencies *sing-on sing-off*
3900, Hulun Buir PBS, Hailar, 0020-0030, Jan 24, Chinese talk, RTTY QRM, SINPO 34443. (Petersen)

3990, Gannan PBS, Tianshui, 0010-0020, Jan 24, Tibetan ann, opera - quite clear under Xinjiang, SINPO 33443. (Petersen)

4460, Voice of China, Beijing, 2319-2345, Jan 26 and 27, Chinese talks, music, advs (?), ID, SINPO 55343. (D’Angelo/FCDX and Gonçalves)

4500, Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, 0117-0129, Jan 26, Mongolian, light music, IDs, SINPO 45333. (Gonçalves)

4750, Voice of China, X'ian, 2245-2315, Jan 24, Chinese discussions and talk // 4800. Qinghai relayed the same programme until time signal at 2300. Then it continued with own programme. Qinghai was slightly stronger here, SINPO 33333 CODAR QRM. (Petersen)

4900, Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou, 1525-1545, Jan 23, Amoy ann, Chinese instrumental music, talk, 24232 splashes from Xizang PBS 4905. (Petersen)

4950, Voice of Pujiang, Fuzhou (t), 1127-1135, Jan 26, music and Chinese comments. Signal is very, very threshold and only fading in periodically. Earlier broadcast than previous schedule. (Bolland)

5039.96, Fujian PBS, Fuzhou, 2310-2323*, Jan 23, Chinese news, Heterodyne SINPO 23333 // 4974.8 (15111). (Petersen)

6050.0, Xizang PBS, Lhasa (p), 1335, Jan 29, talk in Chinese over piano music. After years of hearing the heterodyne against Asyik FM (via RTM on 6049.64) and not being able to get any audio from the station on 6050.0 that caused the heterodyne, I have finally found the identity of my mystery station, with the timely assistance of Noel Green, who tipped me off that it was Tibet. On Jan 25 he had a heterodyne, caused by a weaker Asyik FM (presumed). Fortunately for me Asyik FM has been off the air for several days, plus better than normal reception conditions for Tibet today, all help to solve this puzzle. Thank you Noel! (Howard)

6115, Voice of Strait, Fuzhou (p), 0946-1002, Jan 25 and 31, program of indigenous chanting/singing, // with 7280 till about 0958, when 7280 changes to a different program, ToH 5+1 pips, both about equal level, fair-good. (Howard)

6200, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, 1340, Jan 29, CNR-8 programming: traditional singing, assume in Tibetan, fair, // 4905 (weak), 4920(weak), 6110 (fair). Clearly // with CNR-8 at . Decent day for Tibet reception. (Howard)

9750, Nei Menggu PBS, Hohhot, 0743-0802, Jan 24, in assume Mongolian, played variety of music (traditional Asian music, modern Western orchestra music, indigenous chanting/singing, etc.), unusually good reception till strong *0755 of NHK. Heard // 7270 (fair), under which I heard a station sign on at about 0800, in French (Radio Gabon?), but Nei Menggu dominated. (Howard)

9820, Guangxi FBS, Nanning, 2343-0027, Jan 27, talks in Vietnamese, fair with // 5050 poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX)

9820, China Business R, Xi’an, 1330-1417, Jan 28, Chinese talks hosting a program of Chinese music. News at 1355. Fair to good signal but intermittent transmission breaks. (D’Angelo/FCDX)
11720, Voice of Minorities, Beijing, *1100-1110, Feb 02, Uighur talks, SINPO 44444. Heard // 9690 and 12055 which both were weaker. (Bredahl Jorgensen)
(Source: DSWCI/DX Window # 343 via Anker Petersen)