Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Overcomer Ministries testing new shortwave station in Finland

Starting February 20, 2008 the Overcomer will be testing a new shortwave station from the city of Pori in Finland. This station has been dark from some time and has been reactivated for use by the ministry. Once a cold war propaganda tool for Radio Finland, now we are going to utilize it for the preaching of the end time gospel. The station's unique location in Finland allows for a strong winter time coverage of Europe. The schedule for this months testing is:

To Europe - 6060 kHz
18.59-20.59 UTC
2pm to 4 pm Eastern Standard Time
8 to 10 pm Central European time
250 kW Transmitter

To Near-East / Middle East - 9595 kHz
14.59-16.59 UTC
10 am to 12 noon EST
5 to 7 pm Israel time
250 kW Transmitter