Monday, February 18, 2008

Blog Logs

Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent a portion of those recently cut from my SWBC Logs column in Monitoring Times, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to the contributors for your kind words and support.
Gayle VH

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - sign-off *

Radio NAcional. 4950, 2308-2312. Portuguese talk from announcers and report. SINPO 24242. (A Slaen, Lomas de Solymar DX Camp)

Ascension Island
BBC World Service. 7160, 0325. SIO 433. Interviews about Taliban operations in Afghanistan's opium fields. (S. MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Pio XX. 5952.46, 0210-0230* Feb 26. Presumed with Spanish (?) talk to 0223, then a bit of music. Apparent closedown announcement at 0228; thought I heard the River Kwai signature music but could not be sure due to severe splash from WYFR-5950. (J. Wilkins, CO).

China Radio International relay via Brasilia, Brazil. Spanish. SIO 433. Interview segment during Music Box progra,. S MacKenzie, CA).

Burkina Faso
Radio Burkina. 5030, 2315+. French service of local songs and announcers' text. SINPO 23332. (A Slaen, Lomas de Solymar DX Camp)

Costa Rica
Radio Exterior Espana relay. Spanish. SIO 333. Program comments and preview items. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Cultural Coatan. 4780, 0259. Spanish. SIO 333. Vocal tunes to announcer's comments at 0330, followed by music vocals. (S Mackenzie, CA).

Radio Budapest. 6145, 0240. Hungarian. SIO 333. Male/female announcer duo's program comments for fair signal quality. (S MacKenzie, CA).

RRI-Kendari. 3995.03, 1404-1435 . Indo vocal music with occasional canned announcements. \ (program notes?). Peaked at S9+10 dB around 1410. (J Wilkins, CO)

Adventist World Radio. 3215, 0317. Malagasy. SIO 333. Announcer's interview interspersed with English items. (S MacKenzie, CA)

Voice of Russia via Moldova. 6240, 0225. SIO 333. Announcers' presentation of Russia and the World program. Music tunes to 0230 Russian service. // 7250 (SIO 333) via Armenia. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Myanmar. 5985, 1445. Station identification as, "this is Yangon" followed by music request program. SIO 343. (P. Ng, Malaysia)

Radio Myanmar. 5040.59, 1347-1402 (presumed) Mostly announcers' talk in language. Noted an occasional song thrown in. Poor signa with local noise. (J. Wilkins, CO)

Radio Myanmar. 5985.83, 1325-1346 Feb 14. Burmese vocal music to 1329; then lady announcers' brief announcement followed by the familiar interval signal of Burmese instrumental music and chimes. Male/female host alternating with apparent news at 1330; back to music at 1343. Fair signal and building but ruined by *1400 Shiokaze on 5985. (J. Wilkins, CO)

Netherlands Antilles
Radio Japan relay. 11935, 0316. Japanese service including ID and featured segments. with easy-listening pop music. (J Wood, TN).

Pirates(South America)
Radio Cochiguaz. 6307, 0010-0020. Spanis. Very nice identifications as; "Esta es Radio Cochiguaz..."; "Esta es Radio Cochiguaz, desde algun lugar de Sudamerica....Radio Cochiguaz, desde algun lugar de Sudamenrica", Station ID in English: ".....programme.....Radio Cochiguaz...", SINPO 24332/34343.- AM mode transmission. (A Slaen, Lomas de Solymar DX Camp)

The Crystal Ship. 6700, 0052-0105. Mr. Poet's feature on yet another unusual frequency. Weak signal with fades and some dead air during the broadcast. managed to hear some 60's era music with maginal reception. (J Wood, TN)

WTCR. 6925USB, 0105-0110. Partial identification to unid music and snippets of A Little Help From My Friends. Poor signal quality. (J Wood, TN).

Undercover Radio/Laser Hot Hits. Dr. Benway with "UCR" ID and remarks about relaying Laser Hot Hits to mentions of Merlin mail drop. T-shirt offers from laser Hot Hits and magazine Offshore Echoes. (J Wood, TN)

Tajik Radio Dushambe (Yangi Yul) 4635, 0027-0032. Vernacular announcements to local music and brief announcement. SINPO 24232. , (A Slaen, Lomas de Solymar DX Camp).
Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina
Joe Wood, TN
Peter Ng, Malaysia
Stewart MacKenzie, CA
John Wilkins, CO