Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Observations on Kuwait

KUWAIT 15110 Radio Kuwait in English on 15110 seems three hours on air in our mornings at 0500-0800 UT. R Kuwait noted today Febr 27th, took over of FM 99.7 MHz local radio station. Weak signal at 0515 UTC, but gets increasingly stronger S=6 at 0535 UTC, and at 0555 UTC similar strong as adjacent Samara-RUS in Tatar on 15105 kHz approx. S=8-9 signal. Before Kuwait got stronger I used small 2.6 kHz filter or used even Eton E1 SYNC function in USB mode. Kuwait's transmission is aimed in direction of 100degr towards Indian subcontinent, and remaining backward side lobe into Europe [315degr] is not as strong as the Kuwait 15495 kHz Arabic channel.

At 0540 UTC noted on fair level, English political commentary. S=8 at 0546 UTC, shortly after nice lively melodic pop music singer till 0600 UTC. After a piece of soul music at 0600 UT started at 06.01:30 UT with news in English. Items: Invasion of Turkish Army in Northern Iraq, Butto's dead, Iranian Non-Atomic program, Kenya uproar, BIH Banja Luka uproar on Kosovo independence separation, USA Clinton-Obama. Weather forecast for Kuwait: increasingly rain the whole day, 12 to 23 cC temperature. At 0604 UT S=9, ID local FM 99.7 MHz station, pop music.

Underneath of Kuwait signal I noted another tiny Chinese language station actually, but couldn't find any registration entry nowhere at this time of the day.

Adjacent: at 0525 UT 15100 Islambad-PAK S=5-6, 15105 Samara-RUS in Tatar? S=7-8, 15120 CRI Beijing 500 kW powerhouse in Chinese.
(W. Buschel, Germany)
Photo via Archive Collection)