Thursday, February 28, 2008

QSL Alphabet DX Contest 2008 information

Adventist World Radio
In response to numerous requests from a multitude of listeners in many different countries throughout the world, Adventist World Radio is pleased to announce the re-introduction of our popular DX contests in association with our DX program, “Wavescan”. It is planned that the DX contest for this year will be conducted during the month of April and it will be staged under the title, “QSL Alphabet DX Contest”.

In our 2008 DX contest, listeners are invited to search their own personal QSL collections and to choose 26 QSLs, one for each letter in the English alphabet. Listeners are also invited to submit at least 3 reception reports on AWR transmissions, and to provide at least 3 radio cards. Here are the full details for the four parts in this year’s big DX contest.

* PART A: Alphabet QSL List

Search your own personal collection of QSL cards and identify 26 QSLs, (preferably QSL cards, though QSL letters will also qualify), with each QSL representing the 26 consecutive letters in the English alphabet. These QSLs, all in your own personal collection, should confirm the reception of broadcasts from radio stations on shortwave, mediumwave, longwave, FM, TV and utility communications, but not amateur nor CB. For example, you can choose one QSL to represent the letter A, and it could be a QSL from Austria, or Australia, or Argentina, or Ahmedabad in India, or ABC Radio, etc, etc. Representing the letter B, you could choose for example, BBC, or Belgium, or Berlin, or 2BL, or Radio Butterworth, etc. And so on down through each letter of the alphabet. For the letter X for example, you could choose, CFRX, or XEW, or 3XY, etc; and for the letter Z, you could choose Zambia, or Zimbabwe, or 2ZB, or Zed Radio, etc. You should then make up a tabulated list of the 26 QSLs that qualify, giving the letters of the alphabet, the radio station, the station location, the year of the QSL, and a brief description. (Remember, in Part A, it is not necessary for you to send the QSLs to the AWR office, just your tabulated list.) Here is a sample for the tabulated list of QSLs:-


Letter QSL Station Location Year Description
A Austria ORF Vienna 1995 Color picture of Vienna palace
B Bonaire RN Bonaire 1996 Photo of studio building
C Canada RCI Sackville 1997 Old anniversary card
D and all subsequent letters down to
X CFRX Toronto Canada 1994 White card with large red letters
Y YVTO Caracas Venezuela 1968 Light green card, black print
Z 2ZB Wellington NZ 1956 Old gray card, red flash

PART B: Copy 5 QSLs

Where possible, photo copy what you consider are the 5 best cards in your list, preferably in color, though black & white from some countries is acceptable, and enclose these copies with your contest entry.

* PART C: Submit 3 Reception Reports

Submit at least 3 reception reports on any AWR transmissions from any location in any mode.

* PART D: Submit 3 Radio Cards

Where possible submit at least 3 radio related postcards for the Indianapolis Historic Collection, old or new, and these can be picture cards, text cards, QSL cards, etc. (Not valid are amateur QSL cards nor CB QSL cards.)

Things to Remember

*1. All entries must be sent by post and they should be postmarked during the month of April and received in Indianapolis by the end of May. In some cases, early entries will be accepted. Late entries will not qualify for the awards, but the reception reports will be verified with the special contest endorsement. Entries by email will not qualify for the awards, but the reception reports will be verified with the contest endorsement.

*2. Where possible, please provide a strong self addressed envelope.

*3. Where possible, please provide return postage, preferably in an acceptable form of international currency notes, though mint postage stamps or IRC coupons will also be appreciated.

*4. The only valid address for contest entries is:-
Alphabet DX Contest
Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indiana 46229

QSL Alphabet DX Contest Awards

*1.The world winner in our “QSL Alphabet DX Contest” will receive a copy of Jerry Berg’s very interesting volume, “On the Short Waves”.

* 2. Additional continental winners will be awarded a copy of their choice, “Passport to World Band Radio” or “World Radio TV Handbook”, 2008 or 2009.

*3. Additional awards will be sent to qualifying entries and these will include AWR souvenirs and other similar items.
(Source: A Petersen/AWR)