Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog Logs

Thanks to Jim Evans, Harold Frodge, Stewart MacKenzie, Chuck Bolland, Brian Alexander, and Ron Howard, for the following loggings. Contributions are always welcome at the above email address.

All times UTC *sign-on sign-off* // parallel frequencies

6300. Radio National Saharaui (Rabouni), 2303-2330, Spanish. Local pop music with announcements by man. Possible brief news items at 2330. Poor signal, improving slightly (SINPO 24222). (J Evans, TN)

15820LSB Radio Continental relay (presumed)2037-2105, Wide variety of tunes of Andean flute, baladas, opera and flamico (my description) to announcements in Spanish at 2100. One promo began as, "Cinco" (5-90?). SIO=153- at tune-in but deteriorated continually and gone by 2105. (H. Frodge, MI/Cumbre DX)

Radio Australia via Shepparton. 11880, 2002. English. SIO 333. Announcer's comments to news items. Frequency noted as noisy during monitoring. (S MacKenzie, CA)

3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, 1000-1015. Noted a weak signal here for a few minutes until about 1005 when it started to fade in a little better. At that time a male in Spanish comments was heard until about 1009. The male "stepped aside" then for music which continued for a minute or two. At 1013, possible canned promos heard. Signal was poor to fair. (C. Bolland, FL)

4732, Radio Universitaria, 1048-1100. Noted music at tune-in. Announcers' canned promos and program comments to station identification. Signal was poor to fair with CODAR interference. (C Bolland, FL)

Voice of America relay. 12080, 2010 French features and interview to ID. SIO 333. (S. MacKenzie,CA)

4754.86 ZYF904 Radio Immaculada Conceicao (presumed) 0548-0602+, Male announcer in Portuguese with lite regional ballads. ID @0600 may have been Radio Immaculada with out Conceicao. Talk with a religious cadence but didn't hear any key words. SIO=3+32+. Best in USB, lite swiper. QRM (H. Frodge, MI/Cumbre DX)

Radio Bulgaria. 9400, 0030 English. SIO 333. Lady announcer's comments plus music to male announcer's program comments at 0400. //7400. SIO 222. (S MacKenzie, CA)

Equatorial Guinea
6250, Radio Nacional-Malabo, 0535-0610, Spanish talk. Hi-life music. "Radio Nacional" ID at 0603. Radio Malabo ID at 0604. Fair but occasional RTTY QRM. (B. Alexander, PA)

7099.98, VOBME, Asmara, Program 1, *0355-0425 Opening announcements and talk at 0359. Horn of Africa music. Fair signal. Program 2 on 7170/7175 not heard. (B. Alexander, PA)

7110, Radio Ethiopia, *0259-0325. Sign on with interval signal on electronic keyboard. Amharic talk at 0300. Horn of Africa music at 0303. Fair but some adjacent channel splatter. No //s heard. (B. Alexander, PA)

15320 AWR (KSDA) (Agat), 2245-2259*, English. Religious talk by man. Closing announcements by man and woman at 2258 followed by music. Very poor signal with heavy fading (SINPO 24222). (J Evans, TN)

7125. Radio Conakry (presumed). 2231-2301, French service. Upbeat West African music with occasional announcements from male host. Signal at noise level at tune in, improving to good with significant fading (SINPO 34323). (J Evans, TN)

3976, RRI Pontianak,(presumed) 1023-1035. female announcers' Indonesian language comments, joined by male announcer at 1027. Music tunes at 1028. Amateur radio operators on frequency temporarily causing interference. Weak signal. (C Bolland, FL)

11785.0. Voice of Indonesia, Jakarta-Cimanggis, 1701-1755. Multi-language ID for the VOI program in Spanish. Music ballads, Middle Eastern type music. Poor-fair signal, surprised to find them on frequency. (R. Howard, CA)

Radio Japan-NHK. 13650, 0015 English. SIO 444. Announcer's presentation Pop Up Japan program of pop music. "Sayonora" at 0018 to station ID at 0019. Programming off by 0020, //17810. SIO 333. (S MacKenzie, CA)

6335, Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan, 0337-0355. Middle eastern style music. Talk in unidentified language. Qu'ran at 0341-0350. Lite instrumental music at 0350. Poor signal under RTY staiton. (B Alexander, PA)

4760 ELWA (Monrovia), 2254-2303*, English. Religious music with short religious talk by man. Anthem at 2300 followed by a couple of minutes of unmodulated carrier to 2303*. Poor signal (SINPO 22222). (J Evans, TN)

11610, Radio Voice of the People via Madagascar. *0400-0430. Still on this frequency. Sign on with vernacular talk. Short music breaks. Occasional IDs. Poor. Weak. Fairly well covered by the music loop jammer which did not start until 0420. (B. Alexander, PA)

5985.83. Myanma Radio, 1430-1600*. Just after Shiokaze signed-off at 1430 heard start of an English lesson, "International English" program presented by David and lady announcer. "My name is David. My name is …" "Where are you from? I am from India", question repeated many times with different responses (U.S., Japan, Brazil, etc.), vocabulary given (cinema, hotel, restaurant, etc.), played some music (Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance", etc.), in the past I have also noted a similar program on 5040.6. At 1514 usual marching music, local time given, news in English (several mentions of the State Peace and Development Council and the Ministry of Defense, etc.), weather for Myanmar and Myanmar waters, "That was the news from Myanma Radio, Yangon", slogans about development given over indigenous music, long segment of non-stop easy-listening instrumental music, before sign-off titles of music given to national anthem. Signal fair-poor, after 1445 bothered by a het, after 1500 splatter from strong station on 5980. Not often that I hetrodyne them with decent reception. (R. Howard, CA)

9705 La Voix du Sahel (presumed). 2106-2130+. Announcer in French, taking phone calls--some in local languages. All calls brief with music between calls. Poor signal at QRN level. (H. Frodge,MI/Cumbre DX)

15120 Voice of Nigeria (Ikorodu), 1755-1800, English. "60 Minutes" program with economic news by man and regional news by woman. Identification by woman at 1800 as "Voice of Nigeria, Lagos" followed by news by woman. Good signal (SINPO 44333). (J Evans, TN)

Northern Marinas
11850 Radio Free Asia (Tinian), 2230-2235, English and ?. English identification by man with announcement that Thai programming was beginning (schedule and lists indicate Khmer language). Talk by woman and man. Moderate signal SINPO 34333). No parallels noted. (J Evans, TN)

15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman. 1408-1500. Tune-in to Euro-pop/US pop music. Chimes/gongs at 1430 & into English news at 1431-1440. Station ID to pop music at 1440-1500. Weak modulation but better than usual. (B. Alexander, PA

4774.97, Radio Tarma, 1059, 1105. Live station ID noted at tune-in as, "...Radio Tarma ...", followe dby brief music. Announcers' text at 1101, followed by additional identificaiton at 1102. Signal poor with splatter. (C. Bolland, FL)

5039.17, Radio Libertad, (presumed),110, 1115. Spanish comments, possibly newscast and to 1115. Music presentations, amid fading signal being fair. (C Bolland, FL)

9825, Miraya FM, via IRRS, *1459-1515. Sign on with African music. Time pips, ID and English news about Africa at 1501. Canned "Miraya 101" ID. Fair signal level but poor, difficult overall copy due to co-channel station in at equal level. No sign of any jammers today. (B. Alexander, PA)

South Korea
9805. KBS World Radio via Kimjae. (presumed), 2306-2317. Chinese comments followed at 2310 by program of talk by woman and occasional music. Signal at noise level with little improvement. (J Evans, TN)

606. Radio Sweden via Hoerby. 2229-2235. English. Interval signal to ID and sign-on with announcements via male/female announcer duo. News and discussion on economics. Initial signal poor signal improving quickly to SINPO 33223. Some cochannel interference from China. (J Evans, TN)

11735, Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar. 1800-1830. Still no English news. Swahili talk only. Distinctive local music. Fair to good signal. (B. Alexander, PA)

Radio Thailand. 9680, 0021. English. ISO 333. Male/female's converstation and comments plus music tunes. News items at 0026. Suddenly off the air 0029, resuming in English with an ID as "Radio Thailand." // 12095. (S MacKenzie, CA)

United Arab Emirates
7115 NHK/Radio Japan (Al-Dhabbaya) relay, 2238-2245, Japanese. Traditional Japanese music with talk by two women. Poor signal (SINPO 24222). Much better signal (SINPO 34333) via parallel Ascension relay. (J Evans, TN)

11735Radio Tanzania Zanzibar, 1900-2017, Swahili. Talk by man on the hour followed by program of upbeat local music with announcements by man. Same at 2000. Initially a poor signal with heavy fading (SINPO 24222), improving slightly throughout the broadcast. (J Evans, TN)

11735, Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar, 1757-1812. Pop song to Swahili at 1800, seemed to be segment about Islam and brief reciting from Qur'an, into music program (calypso type song, songs in English ["You're Still The One" by Shania Twain, etc.]). Fair signal. As Brian Alexander and others have recently noted, the Spice FM news at 1800, in English, is "rarely heard lately". (R. Howard, CA)