Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review - World Radio TV Handbook 2008

The 2008 edition of World Radio TV Handbook, has recently released their 62st edition, for the worldwide listening audience.

This years edition begins with WRTH Receiver Reviews that include semi-pro receivers from ICOM, Flex Radio, and DRM receivers. Readers will enjoy features taking a closer look at broadcasting from the Falklands Radio and a Digital Update.
In recent months Radio Voice of the People, a Zimbabwean clandestine station has been a focus in the hobby press. This year's WRTH feature delves into the station's past and plans for the future.
George Jacobs features the HF Broadcast Reception and conditions to expect during 2008 with Most Suitable Frequencies to compliment your bandscanning for the year. From active monitoring, the National and International radio sections, as the previous year, appear to be as accurate as possible, thanks to an international contributing staff. Information on seasonal frequency adjustments may be viewed and downloaded at . The station frequency updating information, posted between the annual issue, continues to be a successful solution for hobbyists seeking current frequencies as they become available

National Radio and International Radio provide detailed listings that include station name, leading personnel, postal addresses, and website URLs. AM/FM/SW frequencies, power, and programming complete each country listings. Clandestine and other target Broadcast have station listings for stations politically motivated from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
The Frequency List, contains world medium wave listings, followed by the by-frequency
Shortwave Stations of the World, Broadcast in English, DRM International Broadcasters and world television. An extensive Reference section will assist the radio listener through many hours of listening and viewing periods.

WRTH 2008 continues to set radio hobby standards. It remains the most respected and authorative radio reference book in the world, and should be in every hobbyist listening post. Mr Hardyman and his dedicated staff have once again provided the radio listener with the ultimate guide.

WRTH 2008 (BOK-03-08) is available from Grove Enterprises for $ 26.95 plus S/H, at: 1-800-438-8155; 7540 Hwy 64 West, Brasstown, NC 28902..
Review by Gayle Van Horn/Monitoirng Times