Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend special programs on shortwave

Radio Eldorado to broadcast February 23
Hello Crew.

I´ll be transmitting 23rd February, at 16 00 GMT frequency 6261 kHz AM Location: Lisbon, Portugal. Feel free to tune in =) Music will be electronic dance music, and psychedelic rock.
Maybe I'll introduce Eldorado Jingles sometimes.
Hope you get to tune.
God Bless,
(Source: Antonio Schuler/SWWorld)

February 24
Radio Gloria International
1300 - 1400 UTC
6140 KHz
The transmissions of Radio Gloria will be broadcast over the transmitting station Wertachtal in Germany. The transmitter power will be 100 000 Watts, and we will be using a non-directional antenna system (Quadrant antenna). Radio Gloria International in teamwork with MV Baltic Radio

Latvia Today
1500-1600 9290 kHz
(Source: Tom Taylor)