Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blog Logs

Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent a portion of those recently cut from my SWBC Logs column in Monitorting Times, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to the contributors for your kind words and support.
Gayle VH

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - sign-off *

Radio La Cruz del Sur. 4450, 2330-2356. Spanish. Maler/female announcers with messages to listeners. presumed news and local event announcements. Music at 2350, mentions of "Radio La Cruz del Sur, Cruz del Sur"...., sign-off at 2356, but sometimes it seems at 2345. (L Bobrowiec, Brazil)

Voice of America relay. 9600, 0513-0830. Assumed language Hausa. African music to conversations. Station ID at 0530 and Yankee Doodle interval signal. Fair-to poor quality from assume Mexico. ® Howard, CA)

Radio Bandeirantes. 6089.95, 0705-0725. Anguilla off leaving this station audible in Portuguese. Religious sermon. Weak signal very poor with QRM from Nigeria. (B Alexander, PA)

CHU Time/Freq Sta. 3330, 0341. SIO 333. Time/frequency announcements. (S MacKenzie, CA)
Radio Nationale. 4905, 0509-0520. French. Afro tunes to "RNN" identificaiton. Into news cast to Afro music at 0320. SIO 423. Decent copy despite swiper and roar. (H Frodge, MI)

Costa Rica
Radio Exterior Espana relay. 3350, 0344. SIO 333. Spanish. Two lady announcers' with program comments. // 6125 via Spain. (S MacKenzie, CA)

Radio Djibouti. 4780, 0354-0415. Arabic. Horn of Africa style music with brief announcements from male host. Continued talk followed by music at 0406. Strong signal weith CODAR interference. SINPO 43333. Audio somewhat low. (J Evans, TN)

Voice of the Broad Masses. 7100, 0410-0425. Tigrinya. Horn of Africa music. Talk via lady announcer at 0415. Music resumes 0420. Signal initially at noise level, improving to SINPO 24222 at tune-out. (J Evans, TN)

HRMI (presumed), 3340, 0916-0936, Non-stop preaching by male announcer in English, with female giving Spanish translations. Signal weak. (R. Howard, CA)

All India Radio-Bangalore (presumed). 9445, 2110-2118. Talk from male/female duo with brief sub continent music. Very poor signal, deteriorating. (J Evans, TN)

Radio Madgascara. 5009.97, 2050. High-life music to male announcer at 2052. Sounded like a round-robin talk over. More talks at 2100 over highlife music. Was listening on the web rx at the same time and caught a nice "Radio Madagascara" from lady announcer. Back to music to 2318.
(D Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

ORTM. (Tentative) 7245, 0848-0901. Non-stop talking in what sounded like Arabic. Signal fair until China's CNR-2/China Business Radio signed-on at 0900 with a good signal. (R Howard, CA)
Radio Educacion. 6185, 0430. Spanish,. SIO 433. Pop music vocals of Mexican pop tunes. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Nigeria (via Kaduna). 6089.85, 0620-0645. Anguilla off the air leaving this station audible with vernacular language talks. Local tribal music to local drums. Strong level but poor reception. (B Alexander, PA)

Radio Rossii (via Kygzstan). 4050, 0354. Russian. Two male announcers with station info and vocals. Poor signal. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Deutsche Welle (via Petropavlovsk). 5910, 0418. SIO 333. Announcer's program text to Russian vocal music. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Rwanda. 6055, 2048. Weak signal but in the clear with pop music. Announcer's "bonsoir" at 2058. Xylophone theme tune 2100 to mentions of Rwanda, off suddenly. (S George, MA/Cumbre DX)

Radio Slovakia Int'l. 7345, 2055-2057.* French. Male/female announcers, to closing segment, followed by station interval signal. SINPO 24222. No parallel freqs noted. (J Evans, TN)

South Africa
Radio Sonder Grense. 3320, 0340. Afrikaans. SIO 232. Pop vocal tunes to program announcements. (S Mackenzie, CA)

Brian Alexander, PA
Lucio Bobrowiec, Brazil
Jim Evans, TN
Harold Fodge, MI
Stephen George, MA/Cumbre DX
Ron Howard, CA
Stewart MacKenzie, CA
Dave Valko, PA