Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blog Logs

Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent a portion of those recently cut from my SWBC Logs column, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to the contributors for your kind words and support.
Gayle VH

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - sign-off *

Radio Tirana. 7430, 2103-2110. Announcer's "RT News Bulletin" followed by Albanian Press Review. Regional news including items covering Kosovo. S-10 signal strength // 9915. SIO 343. (H Frodge, MI)

RAE. 15345, 2248. Spanish. Station identification to programming comments and preview. decent signal for RAE. (J Wood, TN)

Ascension Island
BBC WS relay. 15345, 2223. Program segment on conserving energy in manufacturing automobiles. Good signal quality. (J Wood, TN) BBC WS relay 17830, 1952. SIO 333. Sports roundup show. Noted BBC News program to ID at 2006. 17830, 2012 // 15400 (SIO 333) (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Loyola, 5996.39, 1010-1020. Initially noted male's Spanish comments which included a live identification as, "Radio Loyola." Remote reports during news program. Compared to previous loggings, this morning seemed to be better than usual. (C Bolland, FL)

Raido Mosoj Chaski. 3310, 1033-1040. Male/female announcers duo with Spanish comments and text. Tuning in earlier would have been more rewarding, (C Bolland, FL)

Radio San Gabriel. 6079.95, 1020-1035. At tune-in, noted steady local style music. Lady's Spanish comments until 1030 when canned promos, continuing to 1032. Live comments to station ID as "Radio San Gabriel," to more music. Signal fair but overall poor quality. (C Bolland, FL).

Radio Yura. 4716.63, 0953-1010. Live comments to "Radio Yura" identification. Steady 'musica folklorica Bolivia's music from 0957. No break from music on the hour. Signal observed as poor to fair during this period. (C Bolland, FL)

Radio Bulgaria. 9700, 2212. Spanish. SIO 333. Announcers text to pop music program and talk segments. (S MacKenzie, CA) Noted 9400, 2215 in English. SIO 33. (S MacKenzie, CA)

CVC Christian Voice. 17680, 2047-2056. Spanish/English segments to hard rock tunes. Letters segment at 2054 and "CVC" promotionals. (H Frodge, MI)

Costa Rica
University Network. 11870, 1600. Station ID and station promotional information. Pop/rock medley into Mrs Scott's ranting and raving. (so what is new?) SIO 433. (D Hadley, TN)

Radio Cairo. 6250, 2140-2142. Items discussed about Gaza and the Palestinians. Station identificaiton at 2147. Good signal for SINPO 44333. Tuned station on the high side to resolve audio problems. (J Evans. TN)

Equatorial Guinea
Radio Nacional via Malabo. 6250, 0534-0615. Spanish. West African pop style music to announcer's "Radio Nacional" identification. Brief talk from two announcers 0538-0541. Mentions of Malabo." Good signal with utility interference and deep fades. SINPO 33323. (J Evans, TN).

Radio Jordan. 9830, 2045-2055. Arabic. Talk from woman announcer including a field reporter conducting interviews. Moderate signal with utility interference. SINPO 32333. (J Evans, TN)

Radio Kuwait 11990, 1840-1910. Arabic pop/hip-hop music program. Segment on the history of the country. Brief station ID amid SIO 343. Signal improved by 1945. (D Hadley, TN).

Voice of Africa. 11965, 1735-1759. French. Announcer's talk to possible station ID at 1739 and bits of music. Poor signl, SINPO 24222. No parallel freqs observed. (J Evans, TN).

RTV Malagasy. 5009.95, 2310-0005. Vernacular. Pop music program to male/female chat at 2330. Occasional brief musical bridges during a possible radio drama. good signal, best ever heard here. SINPO 34333. Audio noted slightly distorted. (J Evans, TN) Radio Netherland's relay 9895, 2202. Dutch service // 11730 (SIO 444) via Bonaire. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Netherlands Madagascar relay. 11655, 1908. SIO 333. Comments from author T.S. Elliot. Noted on // 17810 (SIO 444) via Bonaire. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Educacion. 6185, 0620. Spanish. News, text and public service announcements amid fair signal quality. (T Banks, TX)

Radio UNAM. 9599v, 1515-1710. Classical music selections to brief "Radio UNAM" identifications. Signal drifted in frequency from 9599.33 by 1710 tune out. Good on peaks but a bit fadey. (J Wilkins, CO) Noted on 9599.26, 2256-2312. (B Alexander, PA)

New Zealand
Radio New Zealand International. 17675, 2047-2051, Discusison on the New Zealand music industry. SIO 444 until 2051 when it dropped off drastically. QRM observed from CVC in 17680. (H Frodge, MI).

Radio Nigeria via Kaduna. 4770, 2236-2302.* Mellow pop music tunes to ID via announcer. News headlines at 2255 followed by music to closing announcements at 2259. Good signal with fading. SINPO 34323. (J Evans, TN).

Radio Tawantinsuyo. 6173.83, 1038-1045. Noted huaynos music at tune-in. Signal at threshold. (C Bolland, FL).

Radio Melodia (presumed). 5939.27, 1050-1100. Signal fading periodically during male's Spanish programming. Splatter from station on 5935 which drowns Melodia out easily. No ID heard for Melodia. (C Bolland, FL).

Radio Maranon 4834.92, 1018-1035. Spanish comments at tune-in, into Peruvian huyanos music. Program comments at 1045 to female's promos and ID at 1100 UTC. Signal fair during the entire period. (C Bolland, FL)

FEBC. 9435, 2315. Indonesian. SIO 433. Lady announcer's religious programming of hymns and text. FEBC identification and interval signal at 2329. Station off at 2330. (S Mac Kenzie, CA).
Burmese service 15465, 2340. SIO 333. (S MacKenzie, CA)

Deutsche Welle. 9545. 0025. German text to program segments. SIO 444. Piano music selections to 0028. (S MacKenzie, CA)

Radio Exterior Espana. 17850, 2007. Spanish. SIO 444. Male/female announcers with text and comments. Vocal music at 2010. (S MacKenzie, CA)

Voice of America relay. 9620, 0030. Text on American politics and the Middle East nations. SIO 333. (S MacKenzie, CA).

Radio Thailand. 9535, 2035-2044. Announcer's RT News to national news segments. Closing announcements at 2044 and off abruptly in mid sentence. Program back on at 2044 when bell interval signal. SIO 3+53. (H Frodge, MI).

AFN/AFRTS. 5446 USB, 0758-0808. "AP News" promotional to talk of slumping US housing market. Public service announcements for military finances to "Sports Overnight America" program. Good signal. (J Wood, TN).

AFN/AFRTS. 7811 USB, 1932. Newscast SIO 2+22 hiss QRM // 12133.5USB SIO 253. // 5446USB similar but weak on hiss QRM as 7811. All via Key West, Florida. (H Frodge, MI)

KJES (Vado, New Mexico). 15385, 2052. Spanish. Religious prayers and text with children's response. (J Wood, TN)

Voice of America. 9490, 2300. SIO 444. Announcer's World News Now program. Audible on // 11725 (SIO 444) and 15185 (SIO 444) both via Philippines. (S MacKenzie, CA)..

WBCQ (Monticello, Maine). 7415, 2210. Inspirational music performed to the tunes of popular hard rock tunes. Fair signal quality. (J Wood, TN)

WRMI/Radio Miami International. 9955. 2311-2318. male/female announcer Spanish discussion on Cuba and Cubanos. SIO 3=43. Signal fady and a weak buzz QRM. (H Frodge, MI)

WWRB (Manchester, Tennessee). 3185, 0732. Announcer discussion on US presidents during very good signal quality. (J Wood, TN).
Brian Alexander, PA
Tom Banks, TX
Chuck Bolland, FL
Jim Evans, TN
Harold Frodge, MI
Duane Hadley, TN
Stewart MacKenzie, CA
John Wilkins, CO
Joe Wood, TN