Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blog Logs

Thanks to Joe Wood, Harold Frodge, Brian Alexander, Arnaldo Slaen, and Free Radio Weekly for the following pirate loggings monitored on shortwave radio.
Gayle VH

All times UTC

6307 Radio Cochiguaz (South Ameircw), 2300-2310, February 17, Spanish, andean and other songs & music, many identifications in Spanish and English: "...Radio Cochiguaz...", SINPO 24332. (A. Slaen, Argentina)

6925U 2/3 0030-0034* SIO=242-. Some rock and blues music mixed with sirens. heard only clear ID was at 0033, when the announcer said that this was a test of the Conelrad system. No address heard. (Zeller-OH)6925USB 2/4 00:23 sio322, very noisy, air raid sirens, civil defense announcements, music Heard "Mighty Mouse" briefly later; couldn't tell if it was the same station (A. Fansome PA/FRW #626)

6925 2216-2234*,16 Feb 08, English. Techno music. Several IDs and sign/off announcement of “Thank you for tuning in to WMPR-Micro Power Radio.” VG. (J. Wood, TN).

Sycko Radio
6925USB 2252-2328. 16 Feb 08. English. Sycko Radio relaying WBNY programming. Comments by Sycko followed by Cdr. Bunny’s Presidents’Day show. F-G. (J.Wood, TN).

Catalonia, (Spain). 6311.11, Radio Barretina relaying Radio Arboc, 2225, Feb 9, pop music. Talk in unidentified language. Tentative ID as "Radio Arvoz". Very weak. (B. Alexander, PA)

(Scotland) 6400.08, Weekend Music Radio, 0045-0055, Feb 10, pop music. Instrumental music. DJ chatter. ID. Very weak with rtty QRM. (B.Alexander, PA)

(Denmark) 5814.98, World Music Radio relaying Radio Space Shuttle, 2125-2325+, Feb 17, “Radio Space Shuttle”IDs. Oldies pop music. Techno-pop dance music. Echo announcemnts impossible to understand but did catch “WMR” ID. This is supposeto to a 7 kw transmitter in Denmark. Threshold signal at tune-in butslowly improved from a very weak signal to fair to good signal by 2310. (B. Alexander, PA)

East Coast Radio
6925 USB 02/09/08 19:45-20:06 SIO 433A couple SSTV images into music including Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls,Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me, Going Down For The Last Time, gave emailof (Ragnar-MI/FRW #627)

Light Shop Radio
6925USB *2316-2330* 2/8/08 SIO=242. Program of rock mx and disco music with announcer. Some discussion of the greater Akron area. QRT after clear ID at 2330. Gave no address. A new one for me. (G.Zeller-OH/FRW #627)

Mash Up Radio
6925 usb 02/08/08 23:23-30 SIO 333 Staying alive/Birthday, Various tracts of multiple songs combinedtogether. (Ragnar-MI/FRW #627)

WBCQ Relay
6925U 2/4 0240-0245 SIO=141. Somebody playing the William Tell Overture by an orchestra. It turned out that this was a recorded clip from WBCQ's Alan Weiner worldwide show. Very poor level. (G.Zeller-OH/FRW #626)