Thursday, February 21, 2008

South Korea urged to broadcast more to North Korea

An editorial in The Daily NK, a North Korea-specific internet newspaper established by the North Korean Democracy Network, calls for more South Korean radio broadcasts to North Korea. The editorial says that the the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), South Korea’s public service broadcaster, has to create more radio programmes targeting the North Korean audience.

In addition, says the editorial, more support should be provided for private radio stations dedicated to the North Korean audience such as Radio Free Chosun, Free North Korea Radio and Open Radio for North Korea, all of which have been run without support from government. The Daily NK points out that most private radio stations have been operating with no support from the government, using foreign frequencies and transmitters.

The Daily NK says that private radio stations targeting North Korea should be allowed to use [South Korean] domestic frequencies and transmitters. It says the next South Korean government must support radio broadcasts to North Korea as one of its key North Korean policies.
(Source: R Netherlands media Network Weblog)