Thursday, February 14, 2008

Venezuela's Antena Internacional plans for new shortwave station

In the not too distant future, I am sure that Dxers in South America, the Caribbean, Central America and North America will be able to pick up the new Venezuelan AM transmitters broadcasting Radio Nacional of Venezuela different programs, as several of these sites will be using power outputs in the 10 to 50 kiloWatt range... the kind of power that makes possible frequent DX pick up from distances of more than one or two thousand miles away

But there is still more good news for short wave listeners around the world from Radio Nacional of Venezuela, their international service, CANAL INTERNACIONAL, is also part of the broadcast expansion plans, and a new short wave transmitting station is now under construction there.

The Radio Nacional of Venezuela engineering department is in charge of the project and it is expected that the first transmitter may be on the air pretty soon. The new Venezuelan international broadcasting facility is going to be one of the most modern and energy efficient installations in the Americas, and its antenna systems where designed with coverage of the Americas as the prime target area, but as expected, it may be heard around the world when propagation conditions are good. The old Venezuelan Radio Nacional 50 kiloWatt transmitter on 9540 kiloHertz may also soon be back on the air on that traditional frequency that has been in use by the station for many years.

At the present time Radio Nacional of Venezuela Canal Internacional is broadcasting via the Radio Cuba transmitters outside Havana, according to an agreement between the two nations.
(excerpt from DXer's Unlimited via Arnie Coro, 12 Feb. 2008)

Located in the State of Guárico, the antenna systems will include several high gain curtain arrays and quadrant type omnidirectional antennas for short and medium range coverage. The new transmitters are of the pulse step modulation type, and are capable of producing a 100 percent modulated signal. This type will produce less electricity than what is required for a high level plated modulated transmitter.
Gayle VH