Monday, February 18, 2008

A closer look at Malaysia

Wai FM via RTM, Kuching, is occasionally heard on 7270 kHz, usually mixing with China's PBS Nei Menggu. In the past it was difficult to be positive of an ID for Wai FM, but I have now found a site that has live audio streaming for them at: .
Under "Ninga Ka Stesen" click Player POPup, which worked for me. So now we can check for parallel programming. When Wai FM is not live on the air, they have streaming for IOR FM (Iban Online Radio, with news and entertainment in the Iban language). The Wai FM website does not have audio streaming. (Ron Howard, CA)

Recent loggings

All times UTC
Asyik FM via Kajang 6049.64, 1405-1440+ Feb 14. Presumed with Quran to 1411, then low-key talk to 1429. Two vocal selections were followed by more low-key talk in language. Good for a while but fading after 1430. (John Wilkins, CO)

RTV Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur. 6049.68, 1013-1132. Asyik FM in Vernacular, program of indigenous chanting and singing, "Asyik FM" singing jingle, after 1100 DJ playing pop songs. Signal mostly fair, usual light hetterodyne from Xizang PBS, Lhasa (presumed), (Bolland and Howard/DX Window 343)

RTV Malaysia via Ky=uala Lumpur. 7295, 1226-1310. Rap music selections and other “pop” fare hosted by a female announcer with English announcement and station ID. Poor to fair with some amateur radio slop. (Rich D’Angelo/FCDX/DX Window 343)
(Photo: RTM Malaysia/QSL Archive Collection)