Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Logs

All times UTC
// parallel frequencies

15820L LS4 Radio Continental, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, //590 kHz, 1045-1052, February 24, Spanish, announcement and ID as: ".....seguimos en esta mañana por
Continental......", local advs, movies talk, SINPO 34443 in LSB mode (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9580 Radio Australia, 1803, 02/21/08, English. World and regional news headlines, then a longer story about Fiji elections. Rather surprised to come across this at local noon, though no other // freqs audible. Poor w/frequent deep fades. (Schiefelbein-MO)

12010 Radio Australia (via Darwin), 2245, 02/22/08, English. Female presenter interviewing a guest about the music scene in Newcastle, then full ID and news headlines at the hour. Mostly poor. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

7250 Radio Bangladesh (presumed), 1231, 02/21/08. On about a minute late, audible only as a strong hum with occasional weak audio of speech making it through, amateur radio QRM near/atop 7250 especially thick on this day. Poor. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

4750 Bangladesh Betar (via DX Tuner Hong Kong) 1110 with a good signal and talk by woman. This was perhaps a lesson of some sort. ID by man at 1130. Co-channel China which was well underneath this. A third station, perhaps also from China, was audible starting at 1120 or so. (Hans Johnson/Cumbre DX)

4699.32, Radio San Miguel, 1015-1030 Noted Spanish Comments from a male during period with ID as "Radio San Miguel", mentioned often. When not talking, music is presented. Signal comes up slightly to a fair level at 1024 UTC, but generally it's poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

11735, Radio Transmundial, Santa María, 1110-1118, 16-02, comentarios religiosos en portugués, locutor, identificación: "Radio Transmundial". SINPO 34333. (Manuel Méndez, Spain/HCDX)

11780, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 1105-1110, 16-02, comentarios en portugués, locutor. SINPO 34333. (Manuel Méndez,Spain/Cumbre DX)

11815, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 1058-1103, 16-02, locutor, comentarios y noticias de Brasil, identificación: "Brasil Central". SINPO 34333. (Manuel Méndez, Spain/Cumbre DX)

11830, Radio Anhanguera, Goiania, 1103-1105, 16-02, locutor, portugués, comentarios. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez, Spain/Cumbre DX)

Burkina Faso
7230, Radio Burkina, *0805-0840, Feb 23, abrupt sign on with vernacular talk. Off the air at 0807. Back on the air at 0819 with vernacular talk. Local tribal music. French talk. Good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4904.97, RNT, 2100-2131*, Feb 22, French talk. Afro-pop music. Sign off with National Anthem. Fair to good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7250 China Radio Int'l (via Urumqi), 2321, 02/22/08, Spanish. Female presenter w/some sort of report on the economy of China. Maybe 1/3rd of second behind // 7210 (via Albania) w/similar strength signal. Nice and clear overall. Good. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

Equatorial Guinea
6250, Radio Nacional-Malabo, 0550-0625, Feb 23, Afro-pop music. Radio Malabo IDs at 0600, 0602, 0603. Spanish talk. Good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7270, Radio Gabon, *0759-0820, Feb 23, sign on with French talk. ID. Weak. (Brian Alexander, PA)

3340 HRMI/Radio Misiones Intl, 0855, 2/20/08, English/Spanish. Male preacher
delivering an English-language sermon with running translation into Spanish by a woman, continued through top of hour w/o pause. Fair. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

5010 Radio Madagascar, 0155-0340+, 02/19/08, French/vernacular. Apparently on all night again in reduced-carrier USB with Afropop, radio dramas, news, more programming, occasional ID jingles interspersed, but no obvious ID break at the hour. Strong, clear signal. Very good. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

9635, RTVM, Bamako, *0800-0840, Feb 23, opening French ID announcements & local string music. Vernacular talk at 0802. Local string music & other exotic local music after 0814. Good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Sao Tome
4960 Voice of America relay, 0405, 02/19/08, English. VOA Daybreak Africa programming with world/African news headlines and longer reports. Fair/good w/CODAR and a little QRM from CVC-Zambia on 4965. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbred DX)

4775 Trans World Radio, 0359, 02/19/08, English. IS, ID in English and summary of upcoming language programs, then into German-language broadcast at 0400. Fair/good under CODAR. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

Vatican City
4004.65v Vatican Radio, 0559, 02/23/08, English. Vatican Radio IS, to ID and program of theological discussion w/male and female presenter. Frequency a little approximate, tough to pin down under relentless RTTY QRM, but was definitely below 4005. Seemed to be running reduced-carrier USB like Madagascar, no signal noted on LSB. Poor. (Schiefelbein-MO/Cumbre DX)

Viet Nam
7280 Voice of Vietnam Hanoi-Sontay 02/17 Russian 2015 male talks, female anmts on flute music, 2024 maybe local pop music, 2028 female anmts, s/off. 23322 (Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)