Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blog Logs

Blog Logs

Saturday's edition of Blog Logs, represent those from contributors, as well as a sample from the good folks at DX Window. Thanks very much to all. Best of DX!
Gayle VH

ASCENSION ISLAND (broadcasting to Liberia). 9525, Star Radio, 0713-0735 May 19, in English, OM with program of African music and singing, IDs: "Star Radio" and "coming to you from Monrovia, Liberia", at 0735 clearly changed over to Cotton Tree News (CTN) programming, fair. (Ron Howard-CA)

ASCENSION ISLAND (broadcasting to Sierra Leone). 9525, Cotton Tree News (CTN), 0735 May 19, begins with drums, "This is CTN", more drums, into news in English (about elections & cooperation, "Development Program", etc.) but accent made it difficult to understand, "This news comes to you from CTN, Freetown", news in local languages (each segment used words "Development Program"), usual sign-off announcement, program ended about 0758:30, off the air 0800. Mostly fair, at times almost good. Reception well above average. Would seem that the change over time from Star Radio programming to CTN varies almost every day. Also the sign-off time & format for CTN also varies slightly. They have website: (Ron Howard-CA)

6165 Radio Logos (t), 1045-1050, May 19, Spanish, religious program with talk by male and christian song, 24222 At 1050 UTC the signal is covered by the transmitter opening (¿RNW?) I have the following mail to write to the station: (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

3310, R Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0055-0105, May 03 and 09, Spanish clear ID, ann continuing till "hasta 9 de la noche en punto", Quechoa interview, heterodyne, 22332. (Krone and Petersen)
3390.2, R Emisoras Camargo, Camargo, 2335-2345, May 11, songs, 23341, QRM from racketting signal. (Gonçalves)

4796.4, R Mallku, Uyuni, Potosi, 0012-0026, May 10, rustic music/vocals with Spanish talk between selections. ID in passing. Weak with heavy CODAR QRM. (D'Angelo). Also heard 1023-1030 fade out, May 11, adv, comments by both a male and female. At this point in time, the window for Bolivia was closing here in Central Florida. (Bolland)

3365, R Cultura, Araraquara, SP, 2312, Apr 30, Brazilian music, Portuguese ann, ID: "Cultura", 35443. (Grimm)

4825, R Educadora, Bragança, PA, 2119-2131, May 12, music, ID simply as "Educadora AM", municipality ann, 35332. (Gonçalves)

4885, R Clube do Pará, Belém, PA, 2006-0345, Apr 29, 30, May 02 and 12, football news, melodic songs and IDs, 25342 - 55433. (Boc9 and Gonçalves)

4915, R Difusora Macapá, Amapá, 0320-0655, Apr 29 and May 06, sports news, songs in English and from Brazil, ID: "Radiodifusora Macapá, a nosa voz", "Radiodifusora Macapá, a emisora da Amazonia". 34333. (Boc9 and Méndez)

4925.08, R Educacao Rural, Tefé, AM, 0155-0200*, May 08, Portuguese religious talk, hymn, closing ann, 24232. (Petersen)

9900, R Varna, Varna, 2052-2205, May 06, pop vocals, 2100 5+1 time pips, “Radio Varna” ID and orchestra National Anthem, news in Bulgarian, pop music program with several IDs and some long talks between selections. A few English lyric pop songs closer to 2200. Poor to fair for the most part although steadily improving. (D'Angelo)

6030 / 7160, R ICDI, Bangui - only Chinese stations heard on both channels 1600-1800 on Apr 28-30. (Korinek in DXplorer

15190 Radio East Africa, Malabo, 1015-1025, May 14, English, religious programme conduced by male with short talks by female, ann. & ID as: “….Radio East Africa......the Lord......”, 25432 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

4857,11 Radio La Hora, Cusco, 1036-1041, May 14, Spanish, national news by male, 24432
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

6520,41 Radio Paucartambo, Paucartambo, 1028-1034, May 19, Quechua, Huaynos and short ann. By male, 25232 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

6180 Radio Nacional de Venezuela via RHC facilities, 1038-1045, May 19, Spanish,
very interesting report about the new channel “Televisora Venezolana Social”.-
Talk about the new programation and technical equipment for the new Channel Number 2
(Teves-Fundacion Televisora Venezolana Social”. ID as: “Somos el Canal Internacional
de Radio Nacional de Venezuela”, 33433 With QRM Radio Nacional de Amazonia, Brazil.
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

189 LW, RÚV, Gufuskálar, 2317-2347, May 11, Icelandic interview, talks, 35(!)353. (Gonçalves)

207 LW, RÚV, Eiðar, 2323, May 11, cf. // 189, 22441, QRM from Germany and Morocco. (Gonçalves)

The Icelandic public broadcaster RUV has still not made a final decision about the date for the closure of the news relays on SW. The Gufunes Telecommunications Centre in Reykjavík which transmits the RUV news told today ( May 03) that it is still waiting for a note from RUV. Until then, the transmissions will continue; schedule and frequencies are unchanged from earlier seasons: To Europe: 1215-1300 on 13865, 1755-1825 on 12115; to North America: 1410-1440 and 1835-1905 on 13865, 2300-2335 on 12115. (Trutenau in DXplorer)

12115, RUV, Reykjavik, 2259-2322*, May 01 and 06, phone call interviews in Icelandic. On prior to listed 2300 s/on, and off earlier than scheduled 2335 s/off. Poor-fair. (D'Angelo)

6973v USB, Galei Zahal, 1955-2259, Apr 29 and May 01, Special 1st May Program // 1287 kHz, good. (Boc9). Also heard at 1940 and 2306-0005, May 06 and 11, Hebrew talks, ID, news, 34423. (D'Angelo and Liangas)

15780-15789v, Galei Zahal, 1805-2035, May 02 and 03, Hebrew programmes, S=7-8. Suffers by Voice of Russia in DRM mode, Moscow 15780 (250kW 240degrees) at 0600-1200 and QRM by CRI Xian 15785 0300-0700. (Bueschel and Hauser). Heard // 6975.45, so maybe both are now 24h? (Ritola, May 03)

1079.8 MW, Tangiers?, 0905-1410, May 12 May, regional programmes in Arabic, Arab songs, news 1200, prayer 1410, 55555 whereas terribly after darkness, but then this one must be no other than a harmonic of 539.95 which was a detail I overlooked in a previous report about this case. (Gonçalves)

1187.9 MW, Casablanca, 1014, May 13, "C" programme, Berber talks, interviews, 55454. (Gonçalves)

1637.8 MW, Rabat, 1010, May 13, "A" programme in Arabic, Arab songs 35353, harmonic of 818.9 MW. (Gonçalves)

7308H, Sébaa-Aioun, 0832, May 12, Berber talks, newscast 0900, 25342. Harmonic of 1044 MW. (Gonçalves)

9765, R Tikhiy Okean, Vladivostok, 0835-0900, May 04, 12 and 13, opening with IS, ID and opening remarks, news in Russian, features, music and canned IDs, fair to good while // 12065 was poor. (D'Angelo, Bolland and Herkimer)

15345, R Exterior de España, 1905-1920, May 05, Spanish, special transmission for the Spain Army Force in Lebanon under UN, talks about Barcelona vs Real Sociedad in the local Spain football championship, 24432. (Slaen, Argentina)