Friday, May 18, 2007

Family Radio Wordwide adjust frequency to Europe

It seems Family Radio has changed frequency for Europe: I heard them yesterday (May 16) loud and clear, SINPO 54544, at 2047 UTC on 7430 kHz. I suppose this is from Grigoriopol which is scheduled at this hour on 7360, but 7360 was empty.

Deutsche Welle has introduced a Dhabayya relay (or I missed it so far) on 9545 kHz for the German hours 22-24 UTC. The 9545 change from the 20-22 to the 22-24 block adds 3 DW transmitters to the log within 10 minutes: Until 21:59:00 both Sines and Woofferton are on the air, with Sines covering Europe, and dominating here, while Woofferton is beamed to SW Europe to cover the Sines gaps. SINPO 54544. At 21:59:00 Sines went off as scheduled, Woofferton remained with a weaker signal here, SINPO 34333. At 21:59:35 also Woofferton went off.

Dhabayya came on late, 9545 was empty until DW returned at 22:08 with 42333. The I=2 was noise produced in my neighbourhood.
(Source: Eike Bierwirth/HCDX)