Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blog Logs

Thanks to Stewart MacKenzie, Scott Barbour, John Wilkins, Chuck Bolland, Terry Kruger, Harold Frodge, and Joe Wood. Blog readers, have you sent in your loggings yet ?
Gayle VH

All times UTC // parallel programming

Australia 2325 VL8T Tennant Creek, N.T. 1147-1205+ May 21. C&W music past ToH (which is BoH in N.T.). Fair at best and // 2310 and 2485, both poor. (Wilkins-CO)

Bahrain 9745U, presumed Radio Bahrain, 2138-2207, May 20, Arabic. Continuos Arabic vocal music thru ToH. Weak but steady under co-channel HCJB. (Barbour-NH)

Bolivia 4796.36 Radio Mallku, 1006-1015 With a very weak signal, noted mellow type music and comments. The carrier was very good, but the audio needed help. (Chuck Bolland, May 23, 2007)

Brazil 6060.2 presumed Radio Tupi, 0818-0833, May 21, Portuguese. Familiar format of OM w/ religious talk over music ending at 0830, then seamlessly into OM addressing a rather enthusiastic crowd. (Barbour-NH)

Brazil 4845 Radio Cultura Manaus, 0030-0108, May 17, Portuguese. Up-beat musical selections and OM on occasion. ID's at 0038 and 0108. Fair/good. (Barbour-NH)

Colombia 6009.48 La Voz de tĂș Conciencia, Puerto Lleras; 1928-1944 20 May, 2007. Clear and fair with Spanish Christian vocals, Spanish male ID. Terry Kruger, FL)

Colombia 5910, Marfil Estereo 0802-0815, May 14,vSpanish. OM b/w musical selections. ID annmt at 0807.vGood. (Barbour-NH)

Costa Rica 9725 University Network 2302, 14-May; Sister Barbi preaching again! SIO=544; //6090 via Anguilla, SIO=4+33 w/hum QRM. (Frodge-MI)

Diego Garcia 4319U presumed American Forces Network, 003-0016, May 16, English. Stock
report and sports scores via FOX followed by right wingish call-in prg. PSA re help for alcohol abuse. Poor/weak. (Barbour-NH)

Egypt 9460 Radio Cairo 2306-2325+, 14-May; W/EE news to 2310 w/neat drum bumper between each item; AR vocal to 2315 pips, ID, brief anthem & W/EE news again, this time w/o the drum bumper; ID @2325. SIO=533, USB helps with down-freq buzz. Nothing on 9990. (Frodge-MI)

Ethiopia 6109.92 Radio Fana, 0335-0344, May 21, Vernacular. Horn of Africa music followed by OM and YL in lang. Poor as was // 7210. Thanks B.Alexander tip. (Barbour-NH)

Indonesia 3987.05 RRI Manokwari(p) 1236-1320 May 23. Long phone chats by M; Indo vocals at 1238 and 1255; SCI at 1259; Jak news 1300-1317, then back to local studio. Good signal for a change but still did not catch an ID; much weaker at 1318 as the band was on its way out. Has been on for several straight days so maybe the kinks are ironed out. (Wilkins-CO)

Indonesia 4749.96 RRI Makassar 1216-1229 May 21. Out of Jak news at 1216 and into local chat and music. Fair. (Wilkins-CO)

India 4840 AIR Mumbai, 0046-0108, May 19, Vernacular. Hindi mx at t/in, noted // 5010 Thiruvan (fair) and 4910 Jaipur (poor). At 0054 each w/ different anncrs followed at 0100 w/ each station using their own format. Jaipur was unusable by ToH, Thiruvan fading considerably by t/out, while Mumbai held steady throughout. (Barbour-NH)

Israel Kol Israel 11590 0328 English 333 May 19 Music vocals. OM with an ID at 0330. In French from 0345-0400 s/off by an OM. MacKenzie-CA

Lithuania 9875 Radio Vilnius, 2342-2359*, May 15, English. Reports re human trafficking, debate over Lithuanian deep-water port. ID annmt at 2352. Feature on Lithuanian/E.U. antique shops and flea markets. Good. (Barbour-NH)

Lithuania 9875 Radio Vilnius; 2251-*2300...2325-2336+, 14-May; All EE IDs & IS tune from tune-in to s/on @2300 w/EE ID & intro to pgm in Lithuanian. Lithuanian pgm continued to same EE ID @2329+ then into EE pgm. SIO=4+44 (Frodge-MI)

Madagascar 5010, Radio Malagasy, 0305-0330, May 18, Vernacular. Various anncrs b/w musical bits. Solid "Radio Malagasy" ID at 0328 followed by a presumed ad/promothen a "R. Madagaskara" ID at 0329. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

Malaysia 15295 Voice of Malaysia, 1150-1214, May 20, Mandarin. Pop music and ballads w/ YL b/w selections. ID at ToH followed by presumed news. Nice ID string at
1210. Fair at best w/ mild 15300-RFI splatter. // 11885-weak, f/out after 1200. (Barbour-NH)

North Korea 6250.56 P'yongyang Broadcasting Station; 1058-1134 18 May, 2007.great signal with Korean language soft vocals, 3 plus 1 time sounders at 1100, Korean male news, back to vocals nonstop until 1130. Then march filler music and presumed political talk. (Terry Kruger, FL)

Papua New Guinea 3905 Radio New Ireland 1158-1233+ May 22. Anmts and ID's to 1203, then island, pop, and reggae mx to 1233 tuneout. Still there at 1300 re-check though basically unreadable by then. Fair signal. Also noted on 23 May around the same time with an even better signal, again with music and M ancr in either Pidgin or heavily-accented EG. (Wilkins-CO)

Peru 4826.21 Radio Sicuani, 0952-1005 Barely heard a man in Spanish comments from 09:55. Shortly afterward, typical music heard. Signal was threshold. (Chuck Bolland, May 23, 2007)

Peru, 5014.36, Radio Aultura, 1029-1100 At tune in, noted canned comments in the echo effect. This was followed with live Spanish comments from a male. Subsequently, a female comments for a couple of minutes. From her tone, it
seemed to be political. More of the same follows. Signal was fair. (Chuck
Bolland, May 18, 2007)

Peru, 5039.16, Radio Libertad, (Pres)1040-1100 . Noted a man in Spanish comments here. Then music was presented. Afterwards, no other appreciable details were gleaned. Signal was poor but still audible at 1100.(Chuck Bolland, May 18, 2007)

Peru 4774.88 Radio Tarma, 0958-1005 While sitting on the freq, this one just popped on the air. Noted male in Spanish comments with slight echo effect and Huaynos music. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, May 23, 2007)

Peru 4746.84 Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 1002-1010, Typical format of Huaynos music and male in Spanish comments. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, May 23, 2007)

Pirate 6926 Undercover Radio. *0130-0144. 05/21/07. English. IS and ID. IS as “Don’t let them see us. Don’t let them know what we are doing.” ID as “This is Undercover Radio broadcasting from the middle of nowhere.” Live audio by Dr. Benway with ments of bxing with 6 kW, and calls for reports at , ments of free T shirts, and into a repeat of the July 4th show. Fair. (Wood, TN).

Seychelles 9750 BBC relay, 0316-0331, May 15, English. News re Gonzalez firings, Wolfowitz WBO scandal and Pakistani violence. ID at BoH. Poor w/ 9745-HCJB splatter. (Barbour-NH)

Sri Lanka 11905 presumed SLBC, 0120-0144, May 21, Vernacular. Hindi-like ballads and duets w/ brief YL b/w selections thru t/out. Fair,crushed by 11910-Radio Vaticana IS at 1144. (Barbour-NH)

Sudan 4750, R.Peace, 0237-0303, May 18, Vernacular/English. OM and YL b/w both choral and indigenous musical bits. EG ID annmt at 0259 followed by choral music bit and a shorter "This is Radio Peace" ID. Poor w/ CODAR that diminished over time. (Barbour-NH)