Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pirate Radio logs from Free Radio Weekly

Today's Blog Log's are a sample from the latest issue of Free Radio Weekly newsletter. Thanks to the FRW pirate gang!
Gayle Van Horn

Captain Ron Shortwave 6925U 0159-0217 5/6/07 SIO=252. Two mx selections heard and ID as “Good evening listeners in North America, this is Captain Ron.” He mentioned that the configuration of the station and antenna has changed. By 0217, I could not raise the signal above the noise. (Insinger-NJ)

Channel Z Radio 6925.2 AM *0044-0144* 5/5/07 SIO=444-. A regular program from this station, not a relay of somebody else. Program of rock mx w/artists like Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, etc. Also a brief mailbag program. Blue Ridge Summit maildrop and announced. (Zeller-OH)

Channel Z Radio 6964.7 AM, 0020-0021, 6 May 07. Caught end of show to ID, then Seven Seas Of Rye by Queen, closing canned ID by JTA. SIO: 333 (Lobdell-MA)

Derby Shortwave 6925U, 5/6, 0046-0049, A specialty station that shows up for the Kentucky Derby. Heard "My Old Kentucky Home" and then ID. (333 Majewski CT)

Fish Head Radio 6989.9/U, 2339-2343*?, 8-May; Tina Turner tune. ID per FRN posts. SIO=252, noisy (Frodge-MI)

Maple Leaf Radio (tent) 6925u, 0014-0021* May 3, yodeling song followed by Incense and Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock. Possible ID by a man announcer but the voice modulation was awful. Closed with piano music. Fair signal and music was quite audible. (D'Angelo-PA)

WBNY 6925U *2108-2150* 5/6/07 SIO=242-. Strange croaking noise interval signal at open. The first part of the show was a right wing talk show host who claimed that the nation was being sent down the drain. He claimed that groups like were destroying the country. After another interval signal, at 2119, the show shifted gears and became a normal WBNY program with Commander Bunny of the Rodent Revolution. He played his novelty version of Donovan's Mellow Yellow in which the words are all about Commander Bunny. The rest of the show was a mix of rock oldies and novelty tunes. Weak level but generally audible. (Zeller-OH)

Wolverine Radio 6925u, 0250-0300* 5/10. Rollings Stones tune It’s Only Rock and Roll followed by ID repeated three times. Comedy bit about “Wolverines” followed by closing ID with anbecho effect. Didn’t hear an address for reports. Fair to good. PleaseQSL! (D'Angelo-PA)

Twentieth Century Radio 6925u 5/6/7 1:04 sio545, great signal, 20th Century Fox theme, ID to music. (Al Fansome)

WTCR 6925U 5/6 0106-0130+ Lots of classic tunes by Cream and Norman Greenbaum of Spirit in the Sky. (333 to 232 Majewski CT)

Euro Pirate - Cupid Radio, 6310 AM, 2220-2315+, 5 May 07. Rinus on with pop mx, announcing email SIO: 232 [Lobdell-MA]
(Source: Free Radio Weekly # 587 via Ed Insinger)