Monday, May 21, 2007

Ma'aref Radio to commence English service

The Manager of Iran’s Ma’aref Radio [operated by state broadcaster IRIB] announced on Thursday that it is to commence the transmission of programmes in English in the near future. Mohammad Mohammadzadeh said that the English language department of the radio station will air a two-hour programme in English every day, that will be relayed Europe and America via satellite.
He noted that the programmes will mainly include translated passages from the Holy Quran and explanations of Quranic concepts, questions and answers on Islamic matters, news concerning the world of Islam, and interviews with experts on religious education.
With regards to the reasons for launching an English language service, he remarked, “The world is facing a spiritual crisis, since today’s man-made cultures do not give peace of mind, whereas Islam is able to bring tranquility to mankind. Ma’aref Radio in English can be of great benefit. The station is also planning to make programmes in Arabic and Spanish.”
(Source: Mehr News Agency/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)