Tuesday, May 29, 2007

China DXpedition

Our Danish member Bjarke Vestesen just returned from a strenuous journey to the Guizhou-province in southwestern China which is far, far behind Beijing and Shanghai in development in all ways, but interesting to visit.
Bjarke brought his SONY ICF2001D, but had sparse time to listen. But on Apr 28 in Guiyang at 0140 AM local time (1740 UTC), he found the following Chinese stations active on the low SW frequencies: 3950, 3985, 3990, 4330, 4500, 4800, 4905, 4920, 4980, 5040, 5060, 5420, 5925, 5935, 5960 and 6015.
On the other hand Guiyang itself on 7275 was never heard!
(Bjarke Vestesen in China, via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DX Window May 23)

11740, China Business Radio, Xi'an, Shanxi, at 2200-2215 UT on May 19 and 20, andarin and English ID, followed by nice slow Chinese songs. Before 2200 another strong Chinese station was heard with non-stop Chinese "Firedrake music", I doubt it was the same. The reception was best on May 19 with 44333 while on May 20 SINPO 33232, with QRM from WYFR, Family Radio on the same frequency and strong splatter.
(Bredahl Joergensen-DEN, dswci DXW May 23)

XJBS Urumqi domestic services were heard again today May 19. Apparently, signals were fading in when I came across them at around 0710, and they remained audible until around 0845 - a total daylight path to my location. 9470 in Kazakh is now free of DRM and this one was heard peaking to S5 and parallel to weak and just audible 7340.

9510 in Mongolian was only S2 at first but improved later and was parallel much weaker 7230.
9560 in Uighur was only pushing the meter to S1 at first but this also improved. The parallel 7275 was inaudible due to local noise if on air, while 11885 and 13670 were inaudible.

9835 in Chinese was peaking to S4 but also became stronger (a machine gun like noise on/off was interfering at 0728). The parallel 9600 was inaudible until it peaked out of local noise at around 0731 at weak strength. Other listed channels 11770 and 7155 were not heard.
(Noel R. Green-UK, wwdxc BC-DX May 19)
(Source: BCDX WWDXC Top News BC-DX #809/DX Window)