Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Voice of Russia begins Russian service to Israel

The Voice of Russia has begun broadcasting a daily 2 hour Russian language show to Israel’s large Russian-speaking community via All for Peace Radio on 107.2 FM and 89.3 FM. WRN, the international transmission service provider, has organised this relay on behalf of Voice of Russia. The show begins at 7pm local Israeli time and includes the latest news, current affairs, sports and cultural news from Russia.
Mrs Rashel Staviskaya, Voice of Russia’s Vice Chairman said, “I am delighted that we have this unique opportunity to broadcast to the Russian-speaking community in Israel on All for Peace Radio 107.2 FM and 89.3 FM. Our programmes will offer relevant, interesting and up-to-date information about the modern Russia and, in turn, I hope they will assist in creating a link between Russia and this important community.”
All for Peace Radio 107.2 FM broadcasts a signal that reaches Jerusalem and the heavily populated Israeli coastal cities such as Tel Aviv and its 89.3 FM frequency covers the north of the country including Afula and Nazareth.
(Source: WRN/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)