Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Star Radio heard on 9525 kHz

ASCENSION ISLAND (broadcasting to Liberia). 9525, STAR Radio, 0720-0800* May 22, mostly in English; STAR Radio Contact program, with recorded messages from people in Liberia to friends and relatives, giving phone numbers to call; 0730-0732 no audio - just open carrier;
STAR Radio News Bulletin; program Liberia Today with many governmental issues; repeat of the earlier STAR Radio Contact program. Suddenly off at 0800 in mid-sentence. Fair reception. Cotton Tree News (CTN) programming was not on the air due to technical difficulties.
(Ron Howard-CA)
- - - George Bennett (Editor in Chief, Cotton Tree News[CTN], Freetown) wrote:
Thank you for noting this omission. Unfortunately last night we had difficulty uploading our audio file to Monrovia from whence it is sent to London and subsequently via satellite to the short wave transmitter on Ascension Island. We are studying the problem and will hopefully remedy it. But these technical difficulties with files sent electronically are bound to occur from time to time.
- - - Michael Toh (Acting Station Manager, STAR Radio wrote:
We are quite pleased with your reception report on STAR Radio shortwave. We are delighted as well to learn that you listened to some of our programs, including STAR Contact, Music Of our Land and Liberia Today, our news magazine program. We urge you to encourage others to join you listen to us. We are also appreciative of your suggestions or comments you may have to improve our broadcast quality. Unfortunately we cannot send you the QSL card you requested. However, we will make serious attempt in the future to send you one for your souvenir. Thanks again for your letter, and please feel free to contact us when the need arises.
(Ron Howard-CA)