Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Logs

Today's Blog Logs, feature a selection of pirate logs from the latest Free Radio Weekly newsletter and contributions from two regular contributors. Thanks very much to all and best of DX your way.
Gayle VH

Captain Morgan
6925, (p). 0344. Memorial Day, 2007. In EG. Male announcer with unintelligible comments. Music by Dobie Gray. Poor. (Wood, TN).

Ground Zero Radio gzrsw@yahoo.com
6925.4 AM 5/20 *0238-0243 SIO=242/141. Sirens and fallout shelter announcements, into Burt the Turtle with his "duck and cover" routine from the propaganda films in the 1950s. Took a deep dive and then little copy thereafter. (Zeller-OH/FRW)

Northwoods Radio northwoodsradio@yahoo.com
6925U 5/19 0146-0210* SIO=343. Loon noise IS and also occasionally during program. Otherwise a program of rock music, said to be broadcasting from the Great Lakes. Brief CW transmission at close. Gave northwoodsradio@yahoo.com for repts. (Zeller-OH/FRW)

Radio 6X
6935AM 5/20 0027-0108+ Announcer Bucky with a Do Wop show of early fifties and sixties music like Little Anthony and Imperials. Nice music (333 Majewski CT)
6935.52/U, 5/20 0220-0231+, Bluesy tunes. Poor @QRN level. ID per FRN posts. (Frodge-MI/FRW)

Radio First Termer
6925u 0100-0123. Memorial Day, 2007. In EG. First log of this station since October, 2006. OM with ID. Movie ads. Music included Tax Man and a song by Buffalo Springfield. Poor. (Wood, TN).

The Crystal Ship
6875, 0106-0250+. Memorial Day, 2007. In EG. Lots of good music from the 1950’s. Audio clips from President Kennedy about the 1960 election and the decision to land a man on the moon. The signal was armchair quality. VG-Exc. (Wood, TN).

7575 The Crystal Ship. 0106-0250+. Memorial Day. In EG. // bx of 6875. Barely audible with deep fades. Poor. (Wood, TN).

3275 The Crystal Ship 0315-0358. Memorial Day, 2007. In EG. // bx of 6875 OM announcer with ID as “You’re on board the Crystal Ship sailing on 6875 and 3275.” Deep fades
and QRN. Poor. (Wood, TN).

6875.05 , The Crystal SHip 0250-0300, May 27, Rock music, IDs. Poor reception. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Undercover Radio
6925U/L/MA 5/21 0100-0127 Tried all three modes to get a better read this evening on the signal. ID'd at 0116 as "Undercover Radio, this is our third show." Mentioned e-mail and Merlin address. Talk by Dr. Benway and Professor Burrows. Also ID'd at 0127 as "This is Undercover Radio from the middle of nowhere." Voice copy difficult, due to unsteady modulation and AC hum. SIO=352. Sent report to Dr. Benway and he
e-mailed me back that he found a loose connection on his equipment.
(Insinger, NJ/FRW)

Weekend Music Radio (Scotland)
3910.1, 5/20 0007-0013 QRM was not as bad on this frequency, so could hear some faint music. At 0013, recognized "LA Woman" by the Doors, and checked 6400 where I found WMR in parallel. First time I've heard WMR on 76 meters. (Maroti-NY/FRW)

6400.05 Weekend Music Radio (Scotland), 0000-0010+, May 20, Acknowledged listeners’ reports. ID. Pop music. Fair to good but some occasional utility QRM. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Wolverine Radio
6925u 5/24 0111 sio322 lots of noise, Bud Light commercial, Top Ten List (Fansome/FRW)

6925U 5/20 0130-1214 Played a variety of music including selections by Steely Dan, Neil Young, and Issac Hayes. Heard two IDs during this time, a female, and later a male announcer said : "This is WTCR, Twentith Century Radio." Decent signal, but lots of static and some USB/utility interference was noted. (Comeau MA/FRW)
(Source: Free Radio Weekly # 589 via Greg Majewski; logs also via Joe Wood, TN and Brian Alexander, PA)