Friday, June 05, 2009

Apsua Radio schedule

Sukhumi, Abkhaz Republic

Station identification in Abkhazian as;
"Apsua Radio"
Russian as; "Gavarit Sukhumi"

All times UTC // parallel frequency

0330-0345 MS RR
0345-0400 MS AB
0400-0430 MS AB, Sun to 0425 Russian
(same news are repeated on Sunday at 1100 and at 1400)
0430-0500 MS AB
0700-0800 MF AB
0800-0810 MF RR
1100-1120 MF AB, Sat & Sun in RR, Sun till 1125
1400-1420 Sat, till 1425 in RR
1400-1455 MF AB and irregularly 1425-1455 on Sat in AB

All times vary and the usage of languages also vary. In times like 0500-0700 MF (Sat till 0600) and after 1455 is relaying Radio Rossii, mostly Stream No. 4, sometimes No. 3 (as on 4055 kHz KGZ). All above is for the frequency of 9495 kHz, irr. \\ also 9535. The \\ MW frequency of 1350 is with increased broadcast times than on SW.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, ARDXC/ADXN)