Friday, June 05, 2009

Blog Logs - South America

Today's BLOG LOGS, are shortwave radio stations from South America. The following logs represent a portion of additional logs recently cut from my SWBC Logs column in Monitoring Times magazine at due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to the contributors and blog readers for your kind words and support.
Gayle Van Horn

RAE 11710.75, 0005-0112. Portuguese service. Piano into instrumental music and announcements. Brief talk segments to time pips at 0030. Interval signal and multi-lingual “RAE Argentina” ID. Piano music and possible anthem added to ID sequence after 0105, followed by Spanish ID. Japanese program at 0112. Good signal with fading, down a bit by 0110. (Evans).

RAE, 11710.64v, 0159-0226. Station interval signal to time pips, another I.S. and station ID. Played some music selections of tango music, into news. Signal poor-fair. (Howard).

Radio Fides 6155.23, 0120-0130. Spanish comments to mentions of station and “Bolivia.” Signal poor, on past 0130. Station noted 6155.25, 0058-0110. Music until the hour. On the hour a male in Spanish comments, possibly news. Signal was poor. (Bolland)

Radio Libez (presumed) 4796.28, 1053-1105. Previously this was Mallku, but noted station has changed their name. Signal was threshold with only a suggestion of audio making it, while the carrier was at a poor level. (Bolland).

Radio Yura, Yura, 4716.65, 2334-0202. Typical Bolivian instrumental music, announcer hosting in studio five children with some difficult to start and run talks, one at once "tiene sugerencia musical?" and questions like "what’s your name?, where you come from?..". Ten minutes earlier as I tune passed this frequency, I noted only a carrier. It seems in the interim the signal faded in somewhat to a poor level. Seems like the music continued until 0202 when a person commented briefly and dead air followed for a minuted then more music. Thought they had ceased transmission, but I was mistaken. Signal was poor (Bernardini, Bolland and Otávio/DX Window # 377)

Radio Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, 4835, 2351-0004. Religious music, flute music, Spanish ID: "Radio Virgen de Remedios. Radio Virgen de Remedios FM 89.5..", 0001-0004 seems relaying audio of TV religious channel, SINPO 33233. (Otávio/DX Window #377)

Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, 2207-2310, 5952.50. Spanish talk: "Nuestros Departamentos". Quechua discussion, SINPO 23332 QRM 5950, SINPO 23332. (Méndez and Petersen/Vejers/DX Window #377)

Radio Bandeirantes (Sao Paulo) (presumed) 9645, 0658-0715. Strained to hopefully hear a Portuguese ID, but no luck. Noise was just too high (Barker).

Radio Clube do Para 4885, 0640-0655. Lively Brazilian tunes between Portuguese announcements, including an ID. Signal poor and faded out by 0650. (Barker).

Radio Cultural Ondas Tropicais, Manaus, AM, 4845.2, 0007-0054.Man preaching in Portuguese repeated by a woman. Religious vocals noted between long talk segments. End of program at 0050 with man talking over choir vocals and studio ID, fair. (Rich D'Angelo/DX Window #377)

Radio Difusora (presumed), Cáceres, MT, 5055, 0935-0955. Portuguese talks, music sounding like religious, 0940 choral music and talks. 0945 very poor signal. From 0950, 5050 Brazilian harmonic splatter QRM, 14322. (Otávio/DX Window #377)

La Voz de tu Conciencia (Puerto Lleras) 6010, 0701-0735. Lady pastor in English, translated to Spanish. Sermon was directed towards Colombians and continued to 0710. Spanish station ID into religious music to 0733 ID and “this is the Voice of your conscience” (Barker).

Marfil Estereo 5910, 0700-0715. Missed the station ID at 0700 but announcer’s Spanish announcements were followed by a station ID at 0710 then Spanish music. Poor signal (Barker). 5910, 0452-0510. ID at 0456. Nice Latin American music with tight harmony, a good bass line featuring the accordian. Signal very good (Wood).

Radio Vision 4790, 0710-0730. Spanish text amid poor signal, further hindered by deep fades and a faint hetrodyne. Full station ID at 0722 and 0730. Non-stop talk during this period, though nothing religious observed (Barker).

Radio La Hora, 4857.39, 2330-2355. Just tuning around the 4 Meg band and found this starting to fade in. Noted a male in Spanish comments describing what seemed to be a soccer game. Signal was still at a poor level, so couldn't make out much of what was being said except for a few words here and there. (Bolland)

La Voz de la Selva, 4824.42, 2356-0001. Not exactly faded in yet, but can hear some Spanish comments by a male. Signal was threshold however. (Bolland)

Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 4746.83, 0042-0055, Not much to hold on to here with a very, very weak signal. Noted a person in Spanish comments. However, the carrier was better, aiding with the tune in. At 0050 noted music. (Bolland)

Bruce Barker, PA
Chuck Bolland, FL
Rich D’Angelo, PA/DX Window #377
Jim Evans, TN
Ron Howard, CA
José Mendez/DX Window # 377
Joe Wood, TN