Tuesday, June 02, 2009

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All times UTC // parallel frequency

AWR annual DX Contest
And remember, the month of June is our DX contest month, and this year, we are focusing on "Silent Shortwave Stations". We invite you to list your five best QSLs
from silent shortwave stations, together with a photocopy of each, and a paragraph about
each. Then, send us also three reception reports on AWR transmissions, and where possible,three radio cards. Full details again in Wavescan next week. (American DX Report/Nws 14 via Adrian Peterson)

China's new registrations of former CHN stations
Former CHN mainland bc stations in 7100-7200 kHz range.
6040 2150-1700 43NE,44NW HUH 50 263 141 Mongolian x7210
7205 1227-1800 42N URU 50 230 145 Uighur x7195
7205 2330-0257 42N URU 50 230 145 Uighur x7195
7255 1000-1805 43SW LHA 100 85 141 Tibetan x7125
7255 2050-0200 43SW LHA 100 85 141 Tibetan x7125
7260 0257-1205 42N URU 100 0 145 Chinese x7155
7295 0330-0530 42N URU 50 247 145 Kirghiz x7120
7295 1030-1230 42N URU 50 247 145 Kirghiz x7120
7420 2150-1700 43N HUH 50 263 141 Chinese x7165
7450 0900-1800 43SW LHA 100 85 141 Chinese x7170
7450 2000-0300 43SW LHA 100 85 141 Chinese x7170
(May 19/BC-DX 914, wb, Germany)

Congo ends relays programming from RFI
According to BBC Monitoring, the radio stations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are no longer permitted to relay the programming from Radio France International. This prohibition also includes Radio Candip, which operates with 1 kW on 5066 kHz and it is one of the few shortwave stations on the air in the Congo.
(American DX Report/NWS 14 via Adrian Peterson)

Canada's CSIC long awaited QSL
Brandon Jordan in Memphis Tennessee has received a QSL card after a long, long wait.
In June 1993, Brandon sent a reception report to station CSIC in Canada regarding transmissions on 7425 and 7413 kHz, and he received the QSLs as form letters just recently, a wait of fifteen years and five months.
(American DX Report/Nws 14 via Adrian Peterson)

Ecuador's HCJB decides to downsize ministry
Due to the construction of a new airport and due to financial considerations, HCJB's shortwave ministry has been downsizing. This process is now in its final phase. By April 1, 2010, all transmitters at the Pifo transmission site will be shut down. They will maintain 49 metre broadcasts to reach the Andean area and the headwaters of the Amazon River Basin. This would be done from their high-power AM site. The number of antennas at Pifo has declined from a total of 31 to 8 at the present time. The site will eventually be closed entirely. At its peak, it had 12 transmitters and 31 antennas.

They have three 100 kW HC-100 transmitters. One will stay in Ecuador for regional coverage as previously mentioned, but the other two will be refurbished and moved to other locations.

All other transmitters will be dismantled and scrapped. One of these is a 50 kW unit.
(NASB/WDXC-UK Contact)

Germany/ Switzerland - Radio Reveils Paroles de Vie
via Nauen was heard April 30 on 15675 at 1840 in French with talk and pop music.
Station identification and off at 1845.
(Jorge Freitas, Brasil/via WDXC-UK Contact)

This is now their only shortwave broadcast, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1830-1845. Their address is Chapons-des-Pres 4, 2022 Bevaix (NE), Switzerland.
(Mike Barraclough-UK, WDXC-UK Contact May 27/BC-DX #914, wb, Germany)

Monaco maritime station 3AC on the air
According to a report from Jari Savolainan in Finland, the maritime communication station 3AC in Monte Carlo is on the air with a bulletin of news from a local FM station twice daily. These news bulletins, three minutes in duration, can be heard at 0700 and 1100 UTC in the upper side band mode on four shortwave channels, 4368 8728 13146 and 17260 kHz.In times past, Monaco Radio 3AC has issued a QSL card as verification of reception reports
(American DX Report/NWS 14 via Adrian Peterson)

Myanmar keeps in touch with Christian radio
Radio Veritas Asia keeps the people of Asia in touch with the rest of the world. The Catholic radio service, based in the Philippines, also serves Kayin Christians in Burma, most of whom are Evangelicals and other Protestants.

Hong Kong youths log onto the Internet, children in Tokyo use their mobile phones and many Delhi kids have scores of cable TV channels to entertain them. But for the Kayin, or Karen, ethnic people in Myanmar, a cheap US$10 radio is their "hi-tech" link to communications and entertainment. Here you'll find many Kayin with "Made in China" radios tuned to Radio Veritas Asia's (RVA) Kayin service.

The RVA, based in Quezon City north of Manila and sponsored by the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences, has provided a Kayin-language service for over 25 years. Its Catholic programs have become a source of spiritual strength and information to thousands of Kayin Christians, most of whom are Protestant.

The programs include reflections on the Bible, meditations, family and youth issues, question and answer sessions on spirituality, sessions on the lives of the saints, local news and Kayin culture. Anthony Htun Mya, 45, from Hkaungpu-Bawsi in Hpa-pun Township, Kayin State, who was on a visit to Yangon, is one such listener. He is a regular follower of Radio Veritas' shortwave early morning and evening services.

In his village, the programs are virtually the only window to the outside world, he said. There, all the Catholic and Baptist villagers regularly tune in to the service. (from SperoForum)
(Arnaldo Slaen, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

NASB meeting focuses on DRM
The annual meeting of DRM USA, Digital Radio Mondiale and NASB, the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters USA took place in Nashville Tennessee on May 7 and 8. In a report regarding the recent DRM digital tests from the FEBC station on Saipan, KFBS, John Stanley stated that two Continental transmitters at 100 kW were modified for the occasion with an exciter from HCJB in Indiana. Two channels were in use, 11650 kHz and 11580 kHz. It was stated that reception in Japan was flawless, and some listeners in Europe and Russia also heard the programming.

In a call to the manufacturers of radio receivers, Adil Mina from Continental Electronics in Texas stated that the greatest need at the present time is for a mass produced low cost digital receiver for use in countries like India for example, where plans are underway for the conversion of the home service shortwave stations to the digital mode.
(American DX Report/NWS 14 via Adrian Peterson)

Papua New Guinea band scan
band scan of PNG stations conducted during two week period:
3260 Papua New Guinea Radio Madang, Madang 0910; 1030
3290 Papua New Guinea Radio Central, Boroko 0910; 1025
3315 Papua New Guinea Radio Manus, Lorengau 0910; 1030
3325 Papua New Guinea Radio Buka, Kuba 0910; 1035
3335 Papua New Guinea Radio East Sepik, Wewak 0910; 1030; 0915
3385 Papua New Guinea Radio East New Britain Rabaul 1000, 1050
(Bob Wilkner,FL/DXplorer/BC-DX #914, wb, Germany)

Russian shortwave monitoring
7270 (Armenia) International Russian Radio, Yerevan Gavar, 01:50-01:55, escuchada el 25 de mayo en ruso a locutor con comentarios sobre Ucrania, segmento musical, SINPO 45544. (Jose Miguel Moreno, Spain/RUS-DX #190/BC-DX #914, wb, Germany)

7285 Moldova) Voice of Rusia, Kishinev-Grigoriopol, 01:58-02:02, escuchada el 25 de mayo en ruso a locutor en espacio DX, escucho fragmento de Radio Biafra, comentarios de la emisora, titulares de noticias, SINPO 44444
(Jose Miguel Moreno, Spain/RUS-DX #190/BC-DX #914, wb, Germany)

Schedule changes from VT Communications
South Africa/ UAE/ Uzbekistan
Effective: 01 June 2009
Somali Interactive Radio Instruction Program(x Mustaqbal) to East Africa in Somali
0545-0615 on 15200 DHA 250 kW / 225 deg, cancelled
0620-0650 on 15200 DHA 250 kW / 225 deg, cancelled

Voice of Free Radio to North Korea in Korean:
1600-1700 on 7520 TAC 100 kW / 060 deg, x1600-1630

RTE Radio One to South Africa in English:
1930-2030 new freq 6225 MEY 100 kW / non-dir, x6220
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2/DX Mix News #575)