Friday, June 05, 2009

Australian DX Report # 154 available for download

Here in wintry Melbourne, our sunset is now at its earliest, 0707 UTC, which is 5.07 pm local time. Sunrise is now 2111 UTC, which is 7.11 am local, and transit time of the sun is 0218 UTC, 12.18 pm.
This has resulted in good propagation from all continents during the various windows, one of which is our sunrise Brazilian mode in the 60 and 49 mbs.

This specialized mode appears each winter, and on June 4, Brazilian transmitters were audible on

4985 2055 to 2120
4915 2103 to 2135
5990 *2000-2100* (a one hr transmission)
6183 2200 to 2300 (off-channel!)

Propagation is via the transmission path crossing the Antarctic regions.

I have included a comprehensive summary of recent propagation events in episode 154 of the Australian DX Report audio news mgazine, which also features news and information about shortwave broadcasting, propagation, further monitoring notes, new schedules, extracts from schedules, and schedule updates.

It's 15 mins duration, and may be downloaded from the Website of the Australian Internet Radio Service, at

It is also available as a Podcast, sent to your browser-enabled Mobile Telephone using Windows Mobile.

The site allows you to listen to the ADXR and other audio features directly (streaming audio) via your MP3 player, or via the site's embedded mini-player. Podcasts, iTunes capability, full RSS/XML/Atom feeds, and free subscriptions are supported - full details are at the site.

Your comments and feedback are welcomed!

The Australian Internet Radio Service is administered by the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association.

You can also hear the episodes on-air, via WWCR Nashville, every Sunday at 0200-0215 on 5070 and on Mondays 1145-1200 on 15825. The WWCR release is also available as streaming-audio, live, from

Good listening to the Australian DX Report Episode No. 154!

Bob Padula,

Thanks Bob for the info - easy to forget as being in the midst of summer, you're enjoying
" winter - DX !" Good luck in your winter DX season !!
Gayle Van Horn